Time waits for no one
No matter how young you feel today, looking back to the days when you were a baby, it’s still gonna feel like just yesterday. Therefore, time waits for no one and respects no one. If you have anything to do today, please do it while there is time because you owe yourself the very responsibility of doing things at the fastest possible pace. Very soon, you are gonna look back and realise that you have come very far from childhood and that is not a time to regret the things that you didn’t do. Take chances today. do the right things
There is no perfect time for anything
We are always waiting for a good time, a perfect time, a great time. Well, you have so much time today. Today you have the chance to say and do all that you have the strength and time to do. It is pointless waiting for a time to do something good. Bear this in mind, there is no perfect time for anything but what you do with your time is what makes any time perfect.
Aging comes without negotiation
No matter the fitness, the health therapies, the diets and all we choose and try to do, aging comes with time. Time comes when we realize that we have stopped growing and started aging. No matter how long it takes, it will definitely come. Before you start aging, just be sure that you have grown well and learnt enough.
Change is constant
With or without our efforts, there are changes that will occur in our lives and we will not be able to do anything about them. Change is constant and man is dynamic. We have the right, opportunity and enablement to adjust to the change that occurs around us, either positively or negatively. Have a positive attitude to change. Do not live in a stereotype mindset. If negative change occurs, work towards converting it for your good. Change with the trend. Fashion and other things are definitely gonna be transient. Do not be stereotype.
Karma is real
This is one law that has served people with all that they have sown aforetimes. It doesn’t matter the situation you find yourself in per time, it is expedient to acknowledge the fact that Karma is real. You reap all that you sow and even if you meet with people who are helpless or worse than helpless, do not take advantage of their situations because you just may find yourself in their shoes at a latter time, and woe betide you if you also find yourself in their hands.
Not all friends are forever
There are people we meet in life and just imagine the rest of our lives with them. We imagine all the beautiful things that we can do with them around us for as long as possible. Well, life disappoints us. Most of these people do not last for ever. Most of the times, they are not just friends but lovers or even confidants. When the time comes to let them go, it may be difficult but learn to let go, no matter the situation that occasions their exit from our lives.
Some good bonds are beneficial
While lots of people are busy building relationships, whether or not they are instantly beneficial to them, there are people who care less about how they relate with people and they end up offending the people they will eventually need in the future. It is important to create good bonds with whoever you meet in life, irrespective of the time, place and circumstances of the meeting.  
Beauty fades
The beauty referred to here is not the one that “lies in the eyes of the beholder” but the one we see and we refer to as beauty because it pleases the eyes. Analyze the beauty queens you have access to, from the time of their emergence as queens to fifty or fourty years after. No matter how much they try, the skin changes, faces change and everything else, including their voices (in most cases) do change. So do not live in the illusion that beauty is gonna stand as an asset someday. It fades, just like clothes.
You have what it takes to overcome hurt
There is no situation in life that is bigger than the one who faces it. Life is meant to be a journey and no matter how many times you dash your feet against a stone, you have just what it takes to continue in your journey. Perseverance is required for everyone in this journey of life. No matter the hurt, you can overcome it.
No one lives for ever
This is an undisputable fact about life. No matter how long you live, you cannot live forever so make your life worthwhile when you breath because one day, time will say “hello” to your breath.


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