A Nigerian proverb says: “the ant that will bite you will always come from your wrapper”. So many  people have lost their joy and peace just because they trusted their so called “friends” way too much. So no matter how desperately you want to have and be a good friend, here are five things you should keep from your friend

Your biggest secret

If anything is a secret at all, then it should never be told. Once it leaves the mouth of one person, it fails to be a secret and will be treated as top gossip. You never know what your “friend” is planning against you so be careful.

Your financial status

So many friends will stop at nothing to suit their budgets to your account simply because they feel that you have more money than they do. So instead of going all out to tell the whole world how much you are worth, except of course you are a celebrity who can’t hide their net worth, you are advised to keep your financial status to yourself. It will help you more than it will any one else.

Your next move

Just in case your “friend is desperately planning to cross and crush you, the best way for you to help in defeating yourself is to expose your next move to your friend (enemy). So many people have by this act lost irreparable things in life and this makes it very imperative to keep your goodnews, badnews and next move to yourself, except of course it is worth sharing and will cause no harm or unnecessary jealousy.



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