So i have heard it countless times that ladies should stay away from a man’s phone if they really want to be happy. I do not know what the people who make these assertions think but i really do beg to differ. For a man i love, i will search your soul, not just your phone.

I was further shocked when my friend, E_e (don’t wanna mention her name) said “If you wanna be happy, stay away from a man’s phone”. lol

So, here are reasons why you should surf his phone, without fear!

1. If he’s for real, he has nothing to hide

The more we agree that a partner’s phone shouldn’t be surfed, the more reasons we give to our partners to be private and keep secrets to themselves. If a man is really into you, then he should have nothing to hide. There shouldn’t be anything that will hurt you in his phone. If he won’t hurt you by any act, whatsoever, then there shouldn’t be any reason why you should be banned from accessing some parts of his life, including his phone. For a serious relationship, there should be no restriction. it’s not an open relationship.

2. It saves your time

Sometimes, you can get to know a lot about a man’s life by going through his cell phone. You shouldn’t be a CIA of NPF agent. What’s important is that, if he just wants to play around or mess with your life, you will get a hint from either a few or all of his conversations, pictures, videos, audios, etc, and so many other things in his mobile. I know that a few heartbreaks have been avoided because these relationships never even took place in the first place. Imagine a guy telling you all the sweet words in the world and he said same things to another girl on a chat five minutes ago. Sweetheart, knowing this saves your time. get it!

3. Knowledge does not kill

It is much better to find out information, as much as you can, from your man’s mobile device in a way that you get to understand his person, than to find this out in a shocking way. In fact, going through your man’s phone makes you know this person more and better.

4. It makes you truly happy

You are gonna find yourself happy, that’s if you find out that the guy is for real, or even otherwise. Except for guys who are pros in deception, surfing a man’s device and getting to know about most of his mobile engagements gives you some kinda joy, making you know fully well that you know what he’s about. Imagine yourself being in love with someone and you do not know what his phone even looks like! Tell yourself the truth, there’s so much you yet don’t know about him. These are the kinds of relationships that end up with the man saving telephone numbers as “edible catering”. lol. In fact, surfing his phone alerts you of any new friendship. We can’t be sharing men in this economic recession. lol

5. It defines the relationship

 Trust me, a man who truly loves you will not involve you in every part of his life and exclude you from his phone. It tells how much the man is willing to be “naked” for you. You know you are a sidechick or a “passerby” when you touch his phone and he’s like “give me my phone”.

Inasmuch as going through your man’s phone shouldn’t be a tabboo, it shouldn’t be a routine. Bear in mind that not all relationships are gonna work; so don’t just become a CIA agent throughout the entire relationship. summary: You shouldn’t be banned from “touching” your man’s phone, that’s if he’s your man. lol

Lemme know what you think!
My name na Angel Goldy, i just want make #commonsense lol 


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