A pastor and his wife met their untimely death after they were gunned down along Gawa area in Benue State. According to Idoma voice, the pastor and his wife stopped at Gawa to buy foodstuffs before they were suddenly gunned down by the robbers.

Narrating what happened, an eye witness, Iorsalem Terver said;
“I stopped at Gawa at about 8:14 this morning to buy some foodstuffs on my way to Bali to buy yams when some young men walked to men saying its better to get the yams in the evening when the market is closing. 

Little did I know I was the target. Pushing me to hit the road so they can waste me… Oh God.. The pastor arrived shortly with a Toyota picnic. They bought yams I even helped to negotiate with the seller. We took off the same time before I stopped to excrete. Just seconds we heard gun shots and that was how they wasted this couple.”


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