BLOGGING MADE EASY (with pictures) + how to make real money online Instead of purchasing data to browse online and not make any money therefrom, why not focus on creating a channel of wealth for yourself? A lot of people have burning passion for blogging, but guess what, passion is not just enough, you need to make money as you entertain people. It is not just enough to be a good blogger with first hand news and information or entertainment. It is very important to make money online. Most importantly, especially for starters, it is pertinent to learn how to create a blog as well as edit this blog to your taste. There are so many  means of making money online which so many bloggers are not aware of just yet. therefore, make use of this opportunity to learn and make as much money as you can therefrom. Using a step-by-step method, this book will teach you how to create blogs using various platforms, including Blogger and WordPress, how to buy domains, how to theme your blogs to your taste, how to get the best of hosting, how to successfully get Google AdSense, how to advertise for other companies other than adsense, other means of making money online and so much more. Trust me, it’s worth it. To purchase the e-book, call 08038071375. 



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