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Keep your husband away from home breakers

The rate of divorce in our society today is becoming alarming and it is best to learn how best to keep these young “witchy” creatures from your “hard-earned husband”. Lol. So, how best can you keep them very far away from your beloved hubby especially if you are having issues with your husband? 

·        Separate your husband from his fault(s)
It is not an easy thing to do, but while dealing with whatever hurt your husband might have caused you, do not forget that he is your husband, nothing is gonna change that fact. Don’t throw away the baby with the bath water. He remains your husband and even while dealing with the issues, you should be the sweet woman you have always been.

          Don’t give room for other people to come in

No matter what the issue is, don’t leave him to himself. Do not refuse to do for him all the things you would do if not for the issue in question. The reason is this; leaving him to himself will only make him learn how to do things without you, and you don’t wanna try this considering the fact that so many girls out there are ready to pamper his faults.

·        Talk but don’t nag

Women tend to get so used to body language that they forget verbal language. You should talk to your husband and be willing to make things work.Do not just sit down and react on the things he is not doing well. See and observe well enough for you to know what might be going wrong. Sometimes, women act over things that do not exist. Be the woman who builds her home and not the one who destroys it with her own hands.
·        Don’t leave your home  

    Leaving your home at any time at all is very detrimental to your relationship. No matter how bad it gets, do not, DO NOT, leave your home. if there are already single ladies “hanging outside” your marriage, your exit is just an invitation for them to come in and you sure know who’s gonna be sorry at the end. Sit down and build your home!

Learn to live a life of trust
It is very expedient for couples to love and trust each other. Love is not just enough though, trust makes the relationship very healthy. Understand your spouse, know his flaws and trust him accordingly. However, if in doubt, handle issues tactically.

Something big is hitting Abuja. It’s Oyesade’s Album Launch/Concert

After thrilling fans around the world with her song ‘honour’, the young and beautiful singer is set to unveil her album which also contains the ever alluring song “honour”.

Make it a date with destiny as Oye ministers alongside other great ministers on the 5th day of February, 2016 at Dee-TY Ltd, Plot 756, Durumi II, Adjacent Divine Hand of God, Area 1, Garki Abuja.

It promises to be an amazing life-changing event!

Lest i forget, Gate fee is free!


The changes a new year brings are dependent upon how we handle the new year. Every day in the new year, just like the previous year, contains 24hours too, the more reason why it is important to not just make new year resolutions but to consciously decide on what you want to achieve and set out to achieve them immediately. The tips discussed below can come in handy when considering the best way to approach a new year successfully


So i have heard it countless times that ladies should stay away from a man’s phone if they really want to be happy. I do not know what the people who make these assertions think but i really do beg to differ. For a man i love, i will search your soul, not just your phone.

I was further shocked when my friend, E_e (don’t wanna mention her name) said “If you wanna be happy, stay away from a man’s phone”. lol

So, here are reasons why you should surf his phone, without fear!

1. If he’s for real, he has nothing to hide

The more we agree that a partner’s phone shouldn’t be surfed, the more reasons we give to our partners to be private and keep secrets to themselves. If a man is really into you, then he should have nothing to hide. There shouldn’t be anything that will hurt you in his phone. If he won’t hurt you by any act, whatsoever, then there shouldn’t be any reason why you should be banned from accessing some parts of his life, including his phone. For a serious relationship, there should be no restriction. it’s not an open relationship.

2. It saves your time

Sometimes, you can get to know a lot about a man’s life by going through his cell phone. You shouldn’t be a CIA of NPF agent. What’s important is that, if he just wants to play around or mess with your life, you will get a hint from either a few or all of his conversations, pictures, videos, audios, etc, and so many other things in his mobile. I know that a few heartbreaks have been avoided because these relationships never even took place in the first place. Imagine a guy telling you all the sweet words in the world and he said same things to another girl on a chat five minutes ago. Sweetheart, knowing this saves your time. get it!

3. Knowledge does not kill

It is much better to find out information, as much as you can, from your man’s mobile device in a way that you get to understand his person, than to find this out in a shocking way. In fact, going through your man’s phone makes you know this person more and better.

4. It makes you truly happy

You are gonna find yourself happy, that’s if you find out that the guy is for real, or even otherwise. Except for guys who are pros in deception, surfing a man’s device and getting to know about most of his mobile engagements gives you some kinda joy, making you know fully well that you know what he’s about. Imagine yourself being in love with someone and you do not know what his phone even looks like! Tell yourself the truth, there’s so much you yet don’t know about him. These are the kinds of relationships that end up with the man saving telephone numbers as “edible catering”. lol. In fact, surfing his phone alerts you of any new friendship. We can’t be sharing men in this economic recession. lol

5. It defines the relationship

 Trust me, a man who truly loves you will not involve you in every part of his life and exclude you from his phone. It tells how much the man is willing to be “naked” for you. You know you are a sidechick or a “passerby” when you touch his phone and he’s like “give me my phone”.

Inasmuch as going through your man’s phone shouldn’t be a tabboo, it shouldn’t be a routine. Bear in mind that not all relationships are gonna work; so don’t just become a CIA agent throughout the entire relationship. summary: You shouldn’t be banned from “touching” your man’s phone, that’s if he’s your man. lol

Lemme know what you think!
My name na Angel Goldy, i just want make #commonsense lol 


I personally think that this question can only be seen from different perspectives. Is it really right for a guy to spend endlessly on a girl simply because they are in a relationship that MAY or will HOPEFULLY lead to marriage? Lets consider these from a Yes/No perspective

Well, Yes, a guy should pay a girl’s bills for the following reasons and in the following circumstances

A man who wants to get married should have enough money to cater for “his woman”

Inasmuch as the relationship is not about money, a man who intends to get married to the woman he is dating should have what it takes to at least fend for few of a woman’s needs. The man should know that marriage comes with responsibilities and if he cannot care for a single woman, how much more a woman and children, plus all those expenses that come with marriage and fatherhood. Spending on her is an indication that you have no intentions of stressing out the woman who’s gonna bear your children and your name. It shouldn’t just be about professing “dry love” for her. Chairman, do something!

A man will only spend money on something that matters to him

No matter how broke the man may be, if he loves a woman, he will find a way to spend, out of his “poverty”, on her. This is because your heart lies where your treasure is. Most of the financially poor couples who live happily together are able to find happiness with themselves because they understand each other very well, more so, they know that their partners would do more for them if they have the wherewithal. If a man CANNOT spend on a woman, it could be an indication that he cares less about her; no matter how it is seen or perceived.

It goes a long way to prove the man’s sense of responsibility

This is Africa and we all know and agree that the man is the head of the family. If in a relationship, a man cannot pull his fiancee out of financial stress (where necessary), how much more in marriage? So being a man or a husband is not just about bearing a male name, it also involves having a “manly” pocket too. lol. Spending much on a woman you are dating especially when she needs it, providing for her needs – especially pressing needs- is an indication that the man is a “husband material – 12 yards, veritable real wax”. lol!

On the other hand, here are reasons i feel a man is not obligated to spend money on his girlfriend/fiance

A woman should have a life of her own

A woman should have a complete life, such that with or without a man, she can survive. Dating a man should not be a life time opportunity or an avenue for anyone to make money, except if you are doing business together. Therefore, being a woman is not just about being born a female gender; it requires the productive use of two hands and ten fingers, and even a functional brain to produce money for yourself. If the man wants to spend on the woman, fine, that’s his business, but it should’t be a do or die affair because the body or relationship is neither for sale or at the instance of money. 

It’s an emotional relationship, not a job opportunity

Being in a relationship where marriage may be intended is not meant to just be a financial relationship. Every woman wants to be treated well with different gifts and all that, but most importantly, the value of a gift should not be measured by its market worth but should be commensurate with the worth of the relationship. So, dating a man does not automatically means that he has inherited and bought all your financial hardships. It’s a relationship, not a job opportunity or business gateway. The notion of finding a man to handover the baton of your hardship to is not one that is fanciful. Use your hands: even physically disabled people make money nowadays.
A man shouldn’t be the only one to provide money
Although most of the financial responsibilities of any union rests on the man, but that is not an outright sanction or verdict that indicates that the woman should do absolutely nothing. A woman should also be a source of joy to her husband and to her family as a whole. If a woman cannot fend or provide her basic needs before marriage, how much more difficult will it be when she gets married? Moreover, if she can hardly sustain herself as a single lady, her potential husband should just get set to fix his hands in a cuff of unending needs that cannot be easily provided.
So, having said these, i gotta know your opinions. Do you think it is right, moral, necessary and/or obligatory for a man to provide all or most of a woman’s needs simply because they are in a relationship? Let’s hear you please.


The assumption of every new leadership is always characterized with innovations that such leadership brings to its subjects and subordinates. In the new leadership of National Open University of Nigeria led by Professor Abdallah Ubah Adamu upon the exit of Professor Vincent Ado Tenebe, one would need to take a deep analysis to ascertain whether or not there are positive changes in the present leadership as NOUN Students are found seeming to return to the previous government. A few of the struggles that NOUN students are going through are summarized below:

Remitta Challenge

Just while NOUN students were getting used to generating remitta codes in order to pay necessary fees, right now, the portals have been closed and students who have money to pay into their portals (even though not for this current semester), cannot do so.

Printing of Exam Registration Slips and Identity Cards

For students to gain entrance into examination halls, they would need to present their examination registration slips and identity cards. However, right now, the portals are closed and students cannot access their examination registration slips anymore. Students have been faced with so many “options” which are not even easily verifiable due to the endless posts seen online.

Call for students’ presence in school centres

As if the above are not enough stress to NOUN students, they have been advised to visit their study centres before the commencement of examinations in order to enlist themselves for examinations and are expected to come with documents such as evidences of payments, passport photographs etc, in place of the exam registration slips and identity cards which some of them already have printed.

Inability to submit Tutor Marked Assignments (TMA)
After students have finished reading well enough to submit their TMAs, they woke up to the news that the site is unavailable and they therefore cannot submit their TMAs which constitute 30% of their total marks per semester. Though there have been unconfirmed reports that those who were unable to submit their TMAs will be scored 100% in their examinations, but, NOUN students deserve better. After paying so much money in the name of school fees and etc, they should be properly informed.

NOUN Media

Apart from the use of study centres and sometimes, the NOUN website, students are unsure where to go to or who to ask if and when things go wrong. The school website should be a hub for information. It should serve the needs of the students at all times. Students should not be made to “travel” to their study centres from their work places just to get information about their school and goings on thereat. 

Students are unaware of what is really wrong

Students are exasperated with this twist of events and the many rumors that fill the air of NOUN. This is therefore a clarion call to the management and the leadership of the school to lead the students well and to inform them well too. it is therefore not right for students to just wake up and realize that their sites are unaccessible and they all have to “scout” for information.

Is NOUN still an open and distant learning institution or it is gradually transforming itself into a conventional university?

The Motto of NOUN is “Work and Learn” and this guides students to believe that the system provides convenience for people to work and learn. The call for students to visit their study centres in order to verify their payments and registrations for examinations, which defect is no fault of theirs, makes one to wanna ask if NOUN is supposed to be a conventional university, considering the fact that the majority of the students are working class people who should not stake their jobs just because the school authority demands to see them for dutifully complying with the norms of the institution.



We got to meet with Mr. Samuel Adeyemi, motivational speaker, political activist, minister

Stunzy “Yng Stunner” drops a world class tune to mark his birthday

Stunzy “Yng Stunner” drops another classy tune to mark his birthday.


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