Your heart is too precious for you to permit any creature to play with or break. It’s yours and you have to keep and preserve it well. Rather than sit still, here’s what you need to know and do:

·         You are as good as you think and feel
One reason why a girl will find herself at the mercy of any man out there is because of a feeling of inferiority to men. Note pls, men and women are not equal, they are both as good as they think and feel. There is no need for superiority; that kind of superiority that makes you feel like your man has to look down on you. It’s out-rightly wrong. So feel good about yourself, love yourself, be happy and pleased with yourself, love who you are, be satisfied with yourself and your life! Every man loves a woman who knows her worth.
·         Have a life of your own
Sitting down and waiting for someone to come make you happy to be alive is a direct application for foolery. Live your live, earn something, be happy doing something, pursue a vision, have a passion, no matter how little it may be, just do something. This way, any man who stares at you will know and understand that he is not just looking at an empty field, his eyes has been laid on a treasure!
·         Know that a woman is a treasure
A woman is a home maker, the one who stands beside a man at all times, makes their house a home, carries and nurses their children, the one with whom a couple becomes a family and a house becomes a home. A woman is the one who helps and supports a man. If you know that you are all of these, you won’t just sit down and be a figure head because you are a treasure. Something that is needed to complete someone’s life. You are a home maker. Know that and place more value on yourself.
·         Define your own life
Do not just permit any creature into your life. Have a definition for yourself; have a goal. Build your life in such a way that anyone who comes in will know, feel and understand that he is indeed very lucky. 



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