With all I have passed through in times past as a 25 year old, I don’t think I want any more dates. Father Lord, if you are here on earth and if you can hear me at all, please, let this date be the one that will lead me to the altar. How many more dates can I accommodate for God’s sake? How many more people do I have to date before I eventually and finally get married? Who would even look at me and believe that I have truly gone through this much in life? Hmm…

Should I dress to impress or just look casual? No! I should look a little in between! Emm… oh Salome! Calm down Salome, you’re nervous already. But come to think of it, why should I make out time for an Instagram friend whom I have never seen? What if he kidnaps me? What if he kills me? Well, we’re meeting in an open place so that shouldn’t be a problem right? Ok, but I have to be sure that I am secure, should I go there first and watch the environment? Hell no, He’ll think I am cheap and desperate, but, what if he is a disciplinarian who keeps to time? Salome, don’t miss your husband just because you don’t want to appear too desperate o! Chai! Nobody knows the kind of stress I’m going through here, yet clueless people will begin to rush me into getting married. It’s ok.

Glancing at my wrist watch reminds me that I have just 45minutes before 6pm. 45 mins before Salome meets her boo boo! Daniel Boo, I hope this works.

Well, it’s 5:30 and I have finally found myself in my very tight sexy jean trousers with my equally fitting red blouse. My hips have to be seen today. All selling points have to be seen; very important.

As I walk through the lonely and quiet streets of Zone 5 and approach the Annex of Ibro Hotel, my heart is beating faster than normal and I’m beginning to wonder if I’m doing the right thing. Anyway, there has to be a trial, I have to meet a man anyhow. Maybe this will lead to great stories to come. Oh well, he’s calling, Salome your husband is calling you ooo… okay

“Hello” I managed to say after clearing my throat

“How close are you Salom”?

OMG, he called me Salom, a pet name already, isn’t he sweet? Baritone voice

“Emm… I’m by the gate already, yeah, by the gate”

“Come to the pool side”

This fool is sounding authoritative already; this bastard! No courtesy; shouldn’t I just turn back and go home? He is just ordering me to come to the pool side! … Salome calm down,

As I walk in through the entrance that unveils the pool side, there are so many men and immediately, he calls again, “turn left, come straight into the hall there, I’m here alone”

Salome you don suffer! See the way he is already ordering me around. It’s okay, laslas, we’ll both be fine. I’ll just be patient, though I know I can’t pretend.

As I walk in through the door described aforetime by my Instagram date, I hit my foot against the door post and boom, all I am staring at right now is the granite on the floor. “Salome you have fallen o” I said to myself. The useless room is not very bright! Whose fault is this? Daniel is a big fool, now I’m lying flat on my tummy, I already heard the sound of my jean tearing from under… I have paid the price for wearing a very tight jean, what’s the use of big hips that have been disgraced now?

After lying there for a period which seemed to me like eternity, I heard a voice just above me with soft palms helping me up and guess who I saw     ! Deacon Ezekiel o! Deacon Ezekiel!

“Good evening Sir, I actually have a meeting with a friend here this evening, I slipped and fell” I managed to say trying to straighten my blouse, adjusting my trousers and trying to get used to my already designed shame!

“A friend? Oh come on, Sit down”

I sat down beside him. I already had made up lies to explain to him why I was there by that time of the evening when I should be in church, I mean, we should both be in church for communion service!

“Like I said sir, I have a meeting with a friend here and I am sure she isn’t coming again, I have to take my leave sir”

“Don’t go Salom! I’m the Daniel you have been chatting with, don’t be afraid, I love you”


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