“Why are you so foolish?”

I made to leave his car but he held me back. “This ugly guy has some strength” I said to myself. He held me close to himself and let out some malodorous air smelling like a mixture of spinach, alum and substance from crushed snail! I have to tell him that his mouth smells as he struggled with my wrist

“hmm…Your mouth…” I said, breathing fast, tired from the wrestle

“Calm down Salome dear, if it’s kisses you want, I’ll give you more”

“You’re stupid, I don’t want kisses you smelly malformed pig”

“I’m sorry, just be patient”

As I set myself free from his grip, I jumped out of his car and stepped in to the middle of the road. I wasn’t sure whether to walk forward or backward. I made to go forward and I could hear the sound of his ignition as he made to come after me with his car. He parked his jeep right in front of me, as if to impede further movement as he came to speak with me on bended knees

“Salome, I’m helplessly in love with you, trust me!”

“Hell no, not you dude, I fired back as if in frustration and exasperation, not you dingbat!”

“For me, it’s you I want my dear”

I could feel the pain in his voice. If only he was good looking. This monkey-like being cannot be my boyfriend or husband… no. I can’t even take a picture with him, how will I even introduce him to people. He is all shades of wrong….a breathing misfit! Oh! Why me? See him kneeling before me like a piece of designed stone on a construction site. Salome, whoever did this to me will not go free o! Bringing an ugly person my way, I can’t even hug him, no, but I pity him. When he reveals those set of teeth, I feel like he’s gonna bite me! And see the way he is kneeling before me, I wish he was even a bit handsome, the only good thing about him is his pocket right now.

I summoned up some courage to talk to him once more

“Young man, stand up please, stand up, and just go, I need some rest. In fact, I need a lot of rest.”

“I’m sorry for everything I put you through, I am very sorry, forgive me, I was overwhelmed by my love for you”

I was beginning to lose my temper and patience. It’s becoming very dark. The clouds are gathering and it’s seemingly going to rain

“You can’t be rude and …” I was gonna say ugly. Okay “I mean, you can’t be this stubborn young man, it’s gonna rain and I am not comfortable standing here in the dark with you”

“oh, come on, you have nothing to worry about” he said, lifting his little self from the floor. “I’m here to protect you”, he added, bringing his tiny chest close to me.

This guy must have emptied about ten bottles of lavender on himself.  He smelt like a human being this time. I’m getting overwhelmed.

The breeze began to blow wildly and I was sure it was going to rain. Steve opened his arms, protecting me from the wind while we leaned against his Jeep. I felt the warmth of his person around me. One good thing I spotted about him, at least for once, I realised his palms are really soft, and I had never taken note of his fingers, they feel sexy!

“Don’t worry my love, everything will be fine!” Steve said to me as I leaned my head on his chest closely thereby making me perceive the best of his concocted perfume revealing his immaculate white singlet and gold chain.

I need that assurance much more than I have ever needed in my life. All I have ever needed was someone to love me, nothing more. All I want is love, nothing more.

My emotions got the best part of me as I began to weep. The trees and flowers thereat swung and danced as though they bore witness of the moment. I have lacked this tight hug for a very long time and it feels like “factory setting” to me. It seems to be doing me a lot of good actually.

Steve ran his soft palms and sexy fingers into my hair. Oh My God! This is what I have been missing. I’ve been lonely and cold for way too long. I feel my legs shaking, I want to leave but I’m stuck. Salome, let it flow, let it go. “I’m tired of keeping these emotions to myself” I said to myself.


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