“Let me drive you home my love” Steve said as he gently and romantically guided me into his car, tucked me in and arranged my ruffled hair.

For the first time in my life, I saw him as a very useful human. I saw beyond his tortoise-like being and saw a man filled with love. The way he looked at me with adoration and seems to worship the ground on which I walk. Salome, give love a chance, I said to myself.

“Should I get you something from Chicken Republic, maybe something for the evening my dear” he said as he tilted his neck rightwards and staring into my eyes.

“I don’t feel like stepping out” I said, feeling like an authoritarian

“Not to worry” he said like a Hollywood actor, “I’ve got you covered”.

He rolled out his tiny self from the driver’s seat and walked into the restaurant.

While he was away, I looked around the car and began to wonder, what if this was my husband, at least, before people will see his face, they will see his beautiful car, his expensive shoes and clothes, I, as his wife, will be stupendously dressed, money will ooze even before they get the time to analyse our looks or assess how well we’d look together.

No! I have to advise myself! Salome, you are becoming mad! You can’t date an ugly man! Don’t forget he’s ugly.

In the midst of my thoughts, I saw Steve walking towards the car with both hands full. This guy has gone to chatter the goods around the whole street for me I guess. Steve isn’t coming here alone anyway, who’s this cute lady with him? Maybe she works there.

As they approached the car, he opened the back seat and dumped all he bought therein. The lady was standing akimbo and staring at him. She was a skimpily dressed lady, shouldn’t be more than 25years of age. She seems to be standing akimbo so that her breasts will become obvious for Steve to see. But come to think of it, her cuteness and beauty intimidates me. She’s got fine lips, and although I have been thinking I have the best of hips, this one berates mine. Her legs, she’s got straight legs and she’s very fair, with her skin shining in the dark.

Not only was I staring at her, she was equally looking at me, as if to wonder how I manage the position of the ugly man’s madam so well. Interrupting my thoughts, Steve came closer to me, as if to protect me from the leering eyes of the mystery lady.

“I already told you” he started as he looked at the lady, “I am not single. This is my angel, can you leave now?”

“Oh, I see”, the lady said, revealing her beautiful dentition as she walked away, swaying her hips to my fear and chagrin”

“Who’s she?” I asked with disdain written all over me

“Not to worry” he said, “You are all that matters to me right now”

Steve leaned towards me and brought out the most beautiful rose flowers my 25year old eyes have ever beheld.

“Take this my dear” he said as I shamelessly received the flowers from him. “I have one more surprise for you my dear, but that’s if you say yes. I won’t force it, I will like to give you something in my house, it’s okay by me if you say no”

My mind began to calculate what Steve would possibly want to offer me. Whatever it would be, it surely would be something good.

“Fine, but I must leave your house by at most, 9.30 pm”

“Thank you very much”, he said expressing immense joy.

It was a long drive to Airport Road and sequel to the activities of the day, I was understandably tired. Steve took very good care of me in his house and to my utmost shock; I woke up after sleeping for a long time in Steve’s bed

A migraine woke me up, I could barely make sense of my immediate environment, I looked up and all I saw was Steve’s minute body tucked in the blanket. I made to stand up and I found out that I was naked!

“Steve!!!” I screamed in anger


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