A migraine woke me up, I could barely make sense of my immediate environment, I looked up and all I saw was Steve’s minute body tucked in the blanket beside me. I made to stand up and I found out that I was naked!

“Steve!!!” I screamed in anger

“Wake up you swine” I added

He snorted, shifting his ugly lips and emoji-like face showing that he needed more sleep while his protruding stomach, like a local pot, pushed itself out of the blanket like a child diagnosed of kwashiokor. He was wearing a singlet but his boxers were half-worn,

I looked on the floor and all I found was my clothes, Salome, my precious clothes laid on the floor like yam peels from a tuber of yam. Salome, I am almost naked. All I have on is my bra!

With rage, I hit both of my hands on the pig’s face

“Wake up you despicable irritating worm!” I wriggled the blanket out of his tiny being revealing his dirty black pen*s. That’s the biggest part of his useless body!

“What the hell happened here?” I asked him as I tried to wear my clothes disappointed in myself.

“You interrupted my sleep”, he said, yawning, sticking out his bow hands and stretching like a failed okra plant.

“What did you do Steve? Tell me exactly what happened!” I fumed as I managed to wear my blouse and my dirty pant. The ray of light from the windows made it obvious that it was dawn already, maybe 7 am or thereabout. It’s crazy; I slept over in Steve’s house.

“What did I do?” Steve asked me as if wanting to know if I was sure of the question I was asking him. “I did nothing dear, we did everything together. I asked you to have your bath and you did, you chose not to wear anything else, and, our emotions got the better part of us”

At this point, some whitish substance had formed around his lips as he spoke and at the same time, he managed to use his jaw to hold back saliva

“Steve! You are useless and stupid, how could you…”

“Hold it right there!” he fired back as he ran into his bathroom and spat out the nonsense in his mouth

Puzzled, I was, but his effrontery was startling.

“Steve! Are you mad?”

“Don’t you dare Steve me!” he retorted in a fierce way “what do you want me to do? You wanted sex, I gave it to you, we both enjoyed ourselves, maybe you were stressed up but don’t you dare assume that you don’t remember. I am a man for crying out loud and I deserve some respect and accolades for being exceptionally good in bed!”

His words sounded like bomb to me! Hell no! This creature went into me? Salome, I am finished! Finished, I am. How could this have happened to me? How on earth? I stood agape. Wait, I thought, is there some sort of empowerment in my body? Because this animal went in there a humble man and afterwards, he came out proud and confident. Salome!

“Wait!” I started with a voice that seemed to be filled with fear and uncertainty. “Steve, in summary…”

“In summary, we made love my dear, just get used to that. You love me, it’s no use pretending about it. I need to get ready for a business meeting in few minutes. Make yourself comfortable dear. I’ll leave you some change in that wardrobe” he said pointing his short index finger towards his wardrobe as he walked into the bathroom and shut the door.

With my hands still clutched to my chest holding my blouse with disgust, I turned around and looked at my trousers on the floor, my handbag, the remains of the excess meals Steve bought from Chicken Republic the previous night, the beautiful rose flower, as I stared from left to right, the clear and distinct memories of last night’s encounter with Steve found me!


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