I hurried out of Steve’s house with all the presents he bought for me and the remaining of the preserved meals we bought the previous day. The drive was lonely and filled with thoughts. All I want is to go home and scrub my body very well. My phone rang and it’s Steve calling!

“Hello” he called


“how are you?”


“Are you fine?”

“Why are you so foolish?” I asked with the driver turning back to ensure that I wasn’t referring to him. “You asked how I am and I said I’m fine.”

“Oh, sorry my love” he said calmly, I left 50k for you in the wardrobe. Have you found it?”

“Yes, thanks, I’m heading to my house”

“Can we spend this evening together?” he asked

“I don’t know”

“What would you want me to get for you?”

“I don’t know”

“Okay then, please let’s make it a date tonight; I hope you’ll pass the night”

I hung up. I’m not sure I really feel like talking to him.


Slowly, night came and I found I and Steve under the sheets again. This guy has a figure that underestimates his sexual worth really. He’s so strong!

Before I knew it, we were both naked and sweating even in the functionality of the air condition. Steve surrendered his voluminous lips into my mouth and it filled the whole of my mouth, I managed to accommodate his lips which filled my teeth even to the molars and premolars. I found myself sucking every inch of his thick full and plenty lips. How this is possible, only God knows! The sexual prowess in me came alive and I couldn’t even conceal my erotic powers. “It’s time you handle him in a way that will make him coming back for more” – I heard a voice telling me.

I massaged his groin and watched him moan for pleasure… we were having the best of times. Steve had the best of me. Suddenly, he no longer seemed like the ugly guy I have always disdained. He seemed to be even very cute tonight. Or am I just blind? Steve licked my feet and whew! I felt like a queen.

Suddenly, I began to feel trickles of sweat travel from my forehead through my neck and to my breast region. The weather was becoming even hotter. I couldn’t feel the impact of the air condition again and before I knew it, I had a very loud bang on the door!!! I woke up and alas! It was a dream!

What a dream! Salome, thank God it’s a dream o. I really give thanks to God for making this a dream. I could never in my right senses suck the lips of that abandoned smelly lizard. How can? Oh, so you thought I’d do that. Dear Diary, I won’t be that foolish! It can only be a dream, and this is 7pm Friday evening. I have to warn Steve to stop meeting me in my dreams!


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