John Manji, widely known as John Praise is here with this song he titles “Jehovah God”

It is a must listen and a must have.

Kindly click below to listen or download

In the morning when I wake up I look around my life your love is all I see where would I have been if not
for your grace if not for your love I would have been gone by now yes you de make me de jubilate yes
you de make me de celebrate na who de make me shine…
Na Jehovah God eyeeeh
You don butter my bread Baba
You don sugar my tea Daddy…
See me today my level don change oh oooo

Na who de make me shine
Na who de make me shine
Na you de make me shine Jehovah aaaah

When I think of where you brought me from and where I am today
My words cannot Express of all you’ve done for me Papa god I throway salute you too much kabiosi king
of all creation ruler of my life I give you all the praise cuz you de make me jolly
Cuz you de make me de wonder
Na which kind God be this?
Na Jehovah God eyeeeh….


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