The rate of divorce in our society today is becoming alarming and it is best to learn how best to keep these young “witchy” creatures from your “hard-earned husband”. Lol. So, how best can you keep them very far away from your beloved hubby especially if you are having issues with your husband? 

·        Separate your husband from his fault(s)
It is not an easy thing to do, but while dealing with whatever hurt your husband might have caused you, do not forget that he is your husband, nothing is gonna change that fact. Don’t throw away the baby with the bath water. He remains your husband and even while dealing with the issues, you should be the sweet woman you have always been.

          Don’t give room for other people to come in

No matter what the issue is, don’t leave him to himself. Do not refuse to do for him all the things you would do if not for the issue in question. The reason is this; leaving him to himself will only make him learn how to do things without you, and you don’t wanna try this considering the fact that so many girls out there are ready to pamper his faults.

·        Talk but don’t nag

Women tend to get so used to body language that they forget verbal language. You should talk to your husband and be willing to make things work.Do not just sit down and react on the things he is not doing well. See and observe well enough for you to know what might be going wrong. Sometimes, women act over things that do not exist. Be the woman who builds her home and not the one who destroys it with her own hands.
·        Don’t leave your home  

    Leaving your home at any time at all is very detrimental to your relationship. No matter how bad it gets, do not, DO NOT, leave your home. if there are already single ladies “hanging outside” your marriage, your exit is just an invitation for them to come in and you sure know who’s gonna be sorry at the end. Sit down and build your home!

Learn to live a life of trust
It is very expedient for couples to love and trust each other. Love is not just enough though, trust makes the relationship very healthy. Understand your spouse, know his flaws and trust him accordingly. However, if in doubt, handle issues tactically.



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