John Praise is out with new song which he titles “Masoyina”, meaning in Hausa, my Love.

It is a song that expresses love to God for who He is and His marvelous works.

Click below to download the song and kindly share with friends and loved ones.

My son’s have drive away…
And I was heading to eternal destruction
Oh baba… Then I heard a voice saying
I have taken your shame away…
I have taken your sorrows away
And I have given you victory
Come back to me…
Come back to your father
For whom the father have set free is free in did
I’ve taken your pains away

I’ve taken your reproach away
Oh my soyina….

Masoyina masoyina

Verse 2 since I was born you’ve been there for me
You are God who never fail
You have kept and protect me in all my endeavors
Oh Da Jesu my father
Look at the way I am today
Is all by your grace
Jesu wan plang ngah

Masoyina masoyina
Karbi yabo
Karbi daukaka
Karbi yabo masoyina
Karbi mulki
Karbi daukaka
Karbi yabo masoyina
Karbi iko
Karbi daukaka
Karbi yabo masoyina


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