This fallacious  norm has been around for quite some time now, and this is particularly so in Africa. When a woman cheats, it is abominable, but when a man cheats, it is explainable.
But we wanna ask these questions today,
is it really normal or natural for a man to cheat?
is there a cheating “pipe” or “button” somewhere in their system that prompts them to cheat?
Are there men who have never cheated on their wives?
Are there justifiable reasons why men cheats?
Are women created to babysit the excesses of cheating men?

Well, we’ve gotta hear what you think, your opinion, your view, and even your experience

As a married man or dating man, have you ever cheated on your partner?

As a woman, has your partner ever cheated on you?

How do you handle issues of infidelity?

We really want to know, must every man cheat?


  1. Cheating should not be naturally inclined to men only because women also cheat. So cheating is a natural phenomena. One thing i know or would say here is that, if you don't or not giving much attention and affection to your partner, you will be left alone by him or her thereby going to one who will show you that affection you desire. So, men and women cheat. But when it comes to people saying men cheat, please not every man has the heart to cheat while others do. So, it shouldn't be generalized. I am in a relationship and i can beat my chest ever since we open up to ourselves from the outset of it all and i have never cheated on her. It also has to do with morals. But if any lady insists that it is a natural thing for men to cheat, then, I will tell her her own part. Watch out for part 2 (Why do women cheat) ?


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