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These are most of the security gadgets that you should have in your house.

Looking at these gadgets, one could think that it may cost a fortune, well, no amount is too much to spend on the security of lives and property.

Especially with respect to the security situation of the country, it is advisable to have these at home.

When it comes to the best of Security Installations and services, Martech Comm Ltd is one firm that should come to mind.

With a wealth of experience and finesse in service delivery, Martech Comm Ltd has carved a niche for herself in the field of security and CCTV installations and services, from the sales, supplies and installations of security gadgets, especially in the following, to mention a few:

These can be used to view the surroundings, just any where outside. E. G street, roads and even on High ways

This a vehicle under-search mirror used in viewing and scrutinizing the hidden parts of vehicles

These aré called electric shocker or stun gun for Self defence. This can knock a person down for mins or hours

Magnetic lock for access control panels/machines

Pepper-spray for self-defense

walk-through metal detector
Electric fence materials/kit
CCTV Warning sign, this could be placed in offices, schools, homes or other public places
CCTV remote viewing i. e from any part of the world, you can view your house, offices, shops, etc from your mobile phones

Coaxial cable

Fire Extinguisher

Network Cable

These are simple panic alarm system that can be triggered, especially at night in case of suspicious movements or occurrences, together with their detectors, panic remote button, the panel itself and the panic siren

call Martech on +2348167208116
email: martechcommnigltd@yahoo.com


  1. This is facinating and i think everyone needs to get this installed in their homes, offices, schools and other establishment. Better to prevent before it occurs.


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