The residents of Mpape, FCT Abuja were early hours of this morning thrown into shock as a strange fish was  found on dry land in an area known as PW, before Grangehill Hotel, Mpape Abuja.

It was gathered that the fish was found in the said area where there is neither a drop of water nor stream in sight and it is the major and most commonly used road by the residents and commuters, where business activities are non-existent.

Those who claimed to be there earlier on stated that the fish nearly caused an obstruction to drivers as it was very close to the major road while others stated that the lifeless strange fish was found in the dry and grassy area.

Speaking to some of the analysts around, a lady who pleaded anonymity suggested that “the fish is not just an ordinary fish, it is a spiritual fish. the person went for a meeting, changed into a fish and could not change back into his or her normal form, anybody that is looking for his or her mother or relatives should come here and say something” she said with all seriousness.

Others claimed that this was very mysterious because there was no downpour and no amount of water or rain from anywhere might have moved that fish to that spot.

it was further gathered that some men decided to take the fish away from there in order  to decide what to do with it.

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