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1. A man without a source of income

 Whether or not a woman is after your money, no woman will like to be hooked up with a man who can barely provide for himself, talk more of providing for himself and a woman. No matter how rich a woman is, she would prefer a man who can buy all the necessary things he needs over a man who can barely fend for himself. Note that, a relationship is not necessarily about money, but most importantly, it is erroneous and irritating for a man to want a woman if he can barely take care of himself. You should be forced to ask, what does he want to do with her if he cannot even provide for himself? Gone are those days when it was opined that love is not all about money. It is not all about money because it is about money and other things. Before contracting any lady into a meaningful relationship, a man should have a source of income.

2. A man who has an attitude problem

When a woman accepts to date a man, it can be said that such a woman is not signing a contract with trouble. A man is designed to be the head of a family, to be the leader in the family. No woman wants to date a man who has an attitude problem. A man who is either too bossy or too petty. There are lots of issues that should worry a woman and a man should not let his become a worry to a woman. No woman wants headache in the name of a relationship.

3. A man who is bossy

Nature has made it just obvious and acceptable that a man is the head of the family. However, a man does not need to prove it or else it becomes worrisome and irritating. Many relationships have hit the rock because men choose to argue their places in the affairs rather than just be and act the way they are designed to act. A reasonable woman understands that a man should be loved and respected but love and respect should not be demanded; it is earned. Asking for it and insisting on these make a man bossy and i am yet to meet a woman who wants to be ordered around by one bossy man. They are probably not born yet; they may come in the next century.

4. A man who feels inferior
Every family or relationship grows around the personality of the head of the family. Since men are created to be leaders, it will be disastrous for the leader of any relationship to always feel inferior. This inferiority rubs off on every other person who is “led” by such a man. A man should have the boldness and courage to lead his relationship well. His ego should not be bruised to a point where he feels less than a man. Every woman wants a man who does not just dress in manly clothes but is proud of who he is and has a good amount of confidence in himself.

5. A dirty man
One very common excuse for dirtiness among men is that men were created from dust (directly) while women were created from the man (an already made product). For this “reason”, many people opine that women are neater and cleaner than men. (you are entitled to your opinion too). Well, there is no reason why a man should be dirty, whether he was created from dust or gutter. A man should be presentable before any woman would want to take a shot at him. He should have clean breath, beautiful look and clean clothes as well. It is appalling to find out that the breath from some men can kill insects. Sometimes you begin to wonder if they ate dead rats. Dear male creature of God, please, be clean. Women love men who are spotlessly, or at least, considerably clean.

6. A man without focus
No matter how much money a man has and no matter how good-looking he may be, in no time, he will be worthless if he does not have a goal or a focus. A responsible man should have a goal, a plan, something he is working towards or something he is planning. A man who fails to plan has planned to fail already. It is not possible for a responsible lady to want to have anything to do with a focus-less man.

7. A man who has no respect for women
There are still so many men who believe that a woman is a second-class citizen of any environment where there are men. well, every woman deserves respect. A man who cannot respect a woman is not fit to marry a woman. Women love men who respect and appreciate womanhood, not a man who assumes that a woman is a property to be purchased anywhere, by any means.



The go-getter is that one person who is hell-bent on making it. In such a period of economic recession and retrogression, an unfocused person can only just get by with life but for success to be achieved, go-getters are needed.Their tenacity and perseverance in the face of crisis is one force that will keep them fixed on their goal and eventually help them attain success.

In this time of search for money, what one requires to really make money is not just hardwork but creativity. Hardwork is good but it is not just enough. In times when it seems like money is not easy to come by, the peak of creativity is required for anyone to succeed beyond their peers.

While people are gathering to organize a pity-party about how bad life is, and how it is difficult to sail through the storms of life, one man, an opportunist, decides to create a “common interest”, a means of making money from them all. An opportunist is the person who will be observant enough to see an opportunity in the midst of challenges.

Nothing as strong as a positive  conviction in the midst of controversies. An optimist is that person who believes that no matter how many times failure occurs, there is a chance and likelihood of success. An optimist is that person who believes in success and prefers to see success in the face of adversity. Such people can survive any kind of storm that comes their way.

This person is disciplined in all that he does and will not let a little misbehavior ruin his success or the chances thereof. A disciplinarian makes plans and keeps to those plans. He does not let circumstances dictate his plans and discipline. He is decisive and he fore-plans his activities before executing them.

The popular saying that “he who fails to plan has planned to fail” best explains this. A planner is that person who does not just fall into activities but plans activities. A planner will not let just anyone decide what he does. He wakes up with a reason to be alive, a plan for himself. A planner ends his day even before he starts his day.

This is a season where jobs are not very easy to come by, and as a result, the employed few are even afraid of losing their jobs. Well, in times like this, it is as gainful as it is safe to be skilled manually. People who know how to make money with their hands will have lesser challenges in periods like these. Rather than  seeking employment anywhere, their hands fetch them money..


General Overseer of the Synagogue Church of All Nations, Prophet Temitope Joshua, has said the outcome of the U.S election was an indication of power of prayers, adding that people conversant with the efficacy of his prophecies went into fervent prayers, begging God for the prophecy’s reversal.
He compared the U.S presidential election’s outcome with that of biblical Jonah, who prophesied that God would destroy the city of Nineveh within 40 days, a prophecy, which was averted by sincere prayers of the inhabitants of the city.
Joshua, who spoke at a special Sunday service at the church’s headquarters in Ikotun Egbe, Lagos, told the congregation that he received many emails from some Americans confirming that his prophecy on the election spurred them to intense prayers, which God eventually hearkened to.

“Thousands of people that heard my prophecy prayed to God, they fasted and prayed that God should change the prophecy. That a prophecy was disclosed and did not come to pass does not mean that it is not authentic,” he said.

Confirming the power of prayer in prophetic utterances, Joshua said:

 “They know my antecedent that what I say always come to pass. As a result, they went to God in prayer. .

This is the power of prayer; it is not a crime to tell you. Look at the track record of the person that is talking; the boat will be rocked and there will be challenges. What else do you need? Let’s believe in the power of prayer.”

STUDIO 92 PHOTOGRAPHY… For the best of Photography!

Studio ’92 is a photography and graphics design outfit poised to meet the creative needs of clients and capture moments in such ways that they never fade. It is a passion that started with sketches and pencil drawings and then bloomed into digital drawing, graphics design and photography. The company has a large clientele base with clients from all the over the world that can attest to the premium quality of our work. 
A world without keeping records will be meaningless to us if there is no light and colour which open up our minds and expresses passion. That is why our company was established, to help you keep record of important events in your life through the of art photography.
Contracting us for your event coverage needs will be an assurance to you that your special event will be kept in remembrance and will be captured by our talented and skilled workers using superior quality digital cameras. The quality of our works are indisputable and will bring a true image of the event you remembered it; allowing you to view the images over generations to come.
The quality of our production does not depend on the weather conditions or other external factors the usually tamper with image quality. We utilize high resolution digital cameras from various manufactures including Nikon, Sigma and Canon.
Additional, we use hi-resolution digital printers that produce high quality visual images that both you and your loved ones will enjoy. Not a single moment of the event will be missed by our professional workers and our professional equipment.

1.      Hi-resolution of images

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Mountain of Fire and Miracle Ministries, member identified as Esther Roland Gbadebo was well covered, completely bare of make-up and jewelry for her church wedding ceremony but afterwards, glammed up for the reception.

The Dr. Daniel Olukoya led church has very strict rules for women in regards to Holy matrimony and weddings. Apart from the no premarital sex and conception before wedding day, brides are not allowed to wear make-up, jewelry, worldly hair styles and other forms of adornments.

Source: LIB


This fallacious  norm has been around for quite some time now, and this is particularly so in Africa. When a woman cheats, it is abominable, but when a man cheats, it is explainable.
But we wanna ask these questions today,
is it really normal or natural for a man to cheat?
is there a cheating “pipe” or “button” somewhere in their system that prompts them to cheat?
Are there men who have never cheated on their wives?
Are there justifiable reasons why men cheats?
Are women created to babysit the excesses of cheating men?

Well, we’ve gotta hear what you think, your opinion, your view, and even your experience

As a married man or dating man, have you ever cheated on your partner?

As a woman, has your partner ever cheated on you?

How do you handle issues of infidelity?

We really want to know, must every man cheat?


While social media is the rave of the moment, especially among youths all over the world, it is expedient to note that there are things that should not be displayed on social media, no matter the pressure. Some of these are discussed hereunder:

Business ideas
An idea should not be a subject for global discussion. Once a business idea is conceived, it shouldn’t be shared to the whole world, instead, it should be treated as a business idea; given the due consideration and attention it requires to birth success. Sharing business ideas on social media is one way to give out free money-making ideas to an innumerable audience.

Your full biography
It feels good to talk about oneself, but for security reasons, it is safer to limit the amount of vital information that one puts on social media. Many fake accounts are created and recreated with people’s real pictures and their biography. This is because their information is already provided for on their social media account(s) and for this reason, scammers and fraudsters can easily take their pictures and with that, recreate fake accounts in their name.
Your  relationship issues
Though it may feel like people care, really, almost everyone on social media either wants to make money or just get entertained and your serious relationship issue may be a form of entertainment to such people. No matter how many comments that may attract, a large number of them are not really bothered about that trouble of yours. It’s your relationship, not for anyone else. It’s safer and better to keep such issues to yourself. Don’t go all out feeling like the celebrant of a pity-party.
Irrelevant information
It is not uncommon to find people posting stuff about themselves, including updates like, “just got out of the bathroom”, “my sleeping face”, etc, No matter how interesting this is to you, it doesn’t increase the cost of food in the market. Please keep it to yourself.
Nude Pictures 
Every right-thinking and psychologically-satisfied person loves his or her body, but no matter how obsessed you are with you body, please protect your body. It will be wrong to litter social media with what’s meant to be private, this makes you a public property, and you know what? Nobody really cares about public property, we all like private things.
Drugs and alcohol
Pictures of people drinking hard and taking selfies of themselves in their foolery are not hard to come by nowadays. Worse still, we see people drinking alcohol and when they are tired of drinking, they pour it either on the floor or their hands. Funny as this ugly trend is, it is confirmed that this neither makes a person better nor make a nation better.
Family issues
It is not in contention that Social Media is not the best place for family meetings or throwing tantrums. It is advisable to keep personal and other family issues within the family. Sharing them on Social Media is not a guarantee that solution is gonna come. Your family issue, no matter how serious, should be dealt with within the family, not on Social Media. Your village head doesn’t own a room there!

Share with us, what are those things you feel shouldn’t be shared on social media?


Abiodun Abiola – Nanaclassique & noireetmagnifique

Beautiful Abiola stands out as a fashionista and the brain behind Nanaclassique and she is the CEO of noireetmagnifique. She’s been in the business of styling “slaying” Nigerians and Nigerian celebrities are not excluded. Nanaclassique is known for her beautiful designs and these can be confirmed via some of her works pictured below:

follow on IG @ nanaclassique

 Richard Bale – Green Pasture

Richard Bale, who prefers to be called Green Pasture started making professional footwear in 2013 after his National Youth Service and in the past three years, one can say that Green Pasture is making impact. See some of his works below:

Dolapo Habiba M. – Mix & Shakes Beeba
 Dolapo Mubarak, the young and enterprising CEO of Mix & Shakes by Beeba has carved a niche for herself in the area of making cocktails and other drinks and she does this with class as well whilst giving her clients the best they can ever ask for in this regard. Some of her products and services are pictured below:

Godiya Dangana  (Gdia) – Sense of Decency

Young and delectable Singer, Godiya, who is popularly known as Gdia has made her mark not only in the music industry but also in fashion. The young and enterprising lady is the CEO and brain behind “Sense of decency”, a fashion outfit that has made its mark in styling and making beautiful clothes, shoes, throw pillows, bags, souvenirs and other allied products. Find pictures of some of her works below:

Emmanuel Akinpelu – CEO, Studio 92
Young and energetic Emmanuel is the brain behind Studio 92 photography and has endlessly put finesse to the art of capturing moments in the lives of his clients. The just-graduated student of the prestigious Samuel Adegboyega University, Edo State does not only capture moments in amazing ways but goes further to create graphics in the most amazing way possible. Here are some of his captured moments:

Amara Adichie- CEO – Ciatajolie
Amara, who is better known for her brand name, Ciatajolie stands out amongst make-up artists in the country. Not only does she carry out make-up but she also knows the art well enough to transform her clients in as many forms as they want. Her pictures speak better for her:

Stella Saba – CEO, Giftestelle
 Saba, as she is fondly called, is an Abuja-based hair stylist who makes wigs, styles hair and is   proficient in keeping and assisting in the growth of natural hair using hers as a proof of her handiwork. 


There are many fallacies and notions that Christians carry about church that should be either done away with or redirected. Some of these are discussed below:

You are the church

Most of the issues and controversies that surround churches nowadays are centered on the fact that the church is misrepresented. Everyone assumes that church is that beautiful building that can be entered into or accessed per time. Well, the church is not a place, it is a person, and you, at that. The church is the coming together of Christians; Christians are the body of Christ and as such, they form the church. Most importantly, if Christ has chosen to dwell in humans, mortal bodies, then it is wrong and would be a misappropriation to respect a building more than the entities in which Christ himself has chosen to dwell.

Church should accommodate all kinds of people

It is very wrong to assume that church is meant to have all the good people on earth. Nay! The church is like a clinic, you go there to get better, you go there in order to improve. The church is meant to accommodate different kinds of people; people who are with or without good character. There

is no better place for a sick person than the hospital, in the same vein, there is no better place for anyone else in the world than the gathering of Christians. So when you see sinners, evil people, bad people (in your own judgment, that is), going to church, to fellowship, it is going to be worthless for you to attempt to cast your “judgment stone” on them. They are coming to get better.

God loves sinners, He hates their sins

Just like a popular Nigerian proverb says: “Do not throw away a child with the bath water” . God is interested in sinners, for which reason he sent His only son to die for their sins. Therefore, inasmuch as God hates sins, He loves the sinners and he wishes so very much that they will turn from their wicked ways and embrace God. (Romans 10:13)

It’s not your job to judge

People nowadays have formed the habit of judging Christians with their own standards and supposed “church standards”. Well, your church should teach you not to do this, as God is not hiring. He is the righteous judge and your church standards are not the ultimate yardstick for measuring someone’s righteousness. It is not uncommon to see People being rated as Christians because they follow their church doctrines, which most of the times includes their modes of dressing, talking, etc. Most of them follow doctrines and abandon the gospel of Christ, which in itself is not right.

The most expensive gift you can give to God is not money

So many “money seeking” churches (if they are fit to be so-called) have in their quest for more money forgotten about the most important assignment for which they are called. Your church should teach you to know that money is not the best thing you can give to God; your life is. Many “pastors” will collect money from you to “support the work of God” without knowing whether or not you have Given your life to Christ. The best and most expensive thing you can give to God is  not your money or church offering, it is not even your tithe and offerings. Your life goes first. Men may be interested in your money and possessions but God wants your life. He gave His only begotten son up so that He can have your life, not your money! Your life! You first, before all you have gets to Him, He wants you! You! You!Your life is more important to God than your money. Don’t let any one trick you to give up all you have to them when you do not yet have a good relationship with God. God first. He is not hungry, he needs your life, not your money. God is not a beggar, don’t attempt to give Him money if he doesn’t have your life. (Matthew 6:33).

Everybody is meant to “preach” the gospel

It is erroneous to believe that preaching the gospel is exclusively the work of Pastors. God has commissioned Christians to go and preach the gospel. It is our responsibility as Christians to preach the Gospel, to go into all the ends of the earth, to spread the gospel! God doesn’t desire for sinners to perish, He wants them to come into light, knowledge. Therefore, relying on only the Pastors to do this would be inimical to the spread of Christendom. We are meant to show forth his power, his works, his glory, to the Ends of the Earth!


A talent is a blessing and a gift from God but then, not all talents make it through the windows of admiration from the ends of the world. Most of the people who have multiple talents do not necessarily succeed as those who have few of the talents they possess. Here are some of the reasons why it is that way:

Multi-talent is confusing

Having too many talents and not knowing how to use them is like having too many wrist watches; they all will not be accurate enough to inform you on what time it is you wanna know. Most of the people who are multi-talented are almost always confused as to what exactly they are supposed to be doing in life. Most of them are unsure what exactly is going to bring them to limelight and they tend to fiddle with one talent per time.

Multi-talent doesn’t guarantee success

Having so many talents does not necessarily guarantee that one will be successful in life. Most of the times, the “excess” talents constitute distractions to the people who seem to have them. This is because they tend to feed and explore all  of their talents at once thereby leading themselves to be less than professionals in all that they possess as talents.

Division of direction and focus

Many of the people who are seemingly multi-talented tend to be confused as to which of their talents they specifically need to focus on. Therefore, most of them live their lives wandering and hovering on each talent per time, thereby wasting the time that could be spent on developing and being the best on one out of all the talents. They further find it difficult to focus solely and strongly on one thing and this doesn’t help them in their pursuit of a career and allied matters.

They are known for many things but barely the best at one

Because multi-talented people are good at many things and can hardly focus on one thing well, they are known for everything and can be rated above average in all their areas of talent but can hardly be reckoned with as the best in one thing. This makes them qualify to be called the jack of all trades.

Multi-talented people are almost always busy doing too many things
Most of the times, multi-talented people tend to find themselves helping a lot of people with one challenge or the other.  This is because they easily come to mind when one thinks of an accessible unaccomplished talent and multi-talented people on the other hand find fulfillment in helping others than they do in themselves. So they find themselves busy helping the world but themselves and since they find fulfillment in helping others, they don’t mind saying farewell to one talent after using it in helping people.

 They easily lose interest, even in themselves

Because of the abundance of talents and the unfulfilled quest for success, multi-talented people will switch from one of their talents to another, easily while those who have few talents will stick to their talents and make the best of it. This makes the multi-talented people easily frustrated and increase the tendency of them losing interest in everything, including themselves while sliding in and out of depression at times.

They easily follow trends and do not dictate trends

Multi-talented people tend to get inspired by trends in order to realize and uncover most of the things they can do but were unaware of. For this reason, they tend to find out some of their talents when they see others do same and they are hardly the first to do anything good.They blend with the trend and they are always in a hurry to try out things that have been done by others. This puts them in a good condition to be seen as number two.

However, there are few multi-talented people in life who have become very successful and have been known all around the world. In order to succeed, a multi-talented person should know and do these:

* Focus on strengths – feed your focus and starve your distraction!
* Know that which gives you joy
* Do one thing at at ime
*Give your best in all that you do
*Embrace the spirit of perseverance
*Know that one talent that you enjoy better than the other ones.

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