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Mountain of Fire and Miracle Ministries, member identified as Esther Roland Gbadebo was well covered, completely bare of make-up and jewelry for her church wedding ceremony but afterwards, glammed up for the reception.

The Dr. Daniel Olukoya led church has very strict rules for women in regards to Holy matrimony and weddings. Apart from the no premarital sex and conception before wedding day, brides are not allowed to wear make-up, jewelry, worldly hair styles and other forms of adornments.

Source: LIB


This fallacious  norm has been around for quite some time now, and this is particularly so in Africa. When a woman cheats, it is abominable, but when a man cheats, it is explainable.
But we wanna ask these questions today,
is it really normal or natural for a man to cheat?
is there a cheating “pipe” or “button” somewhere in their system that prompts them to cheat?
Are there men who have never cheated on their wives?
Are there justifiable reasons why men cheats?
Are women created to babysit the excesses of cheating men?

Well, we’ve gotta hear what you think, your opinion, your view, and even your experience

As a married man or dating man, have you ever cheated on your partner?

As a woman, has your partner ever cheated on you?

How do you handle issues of infidelity?

We really want to know, must every man cheat?


While social media is the rave of the moment, especially among youths all over the world, it is expedient to note that there are things that should not be displayed on social media, no matter the pressure. Some of these are discussed hereunder:

Business ideas
An idea should not be a subject for global discussion. Once a business idea is conceived, it shouldn’t be shared to the whole world, instead, it should be treated as a business idea; given the due consideration and attention it requires to birth success. Sharing business ideas on social media is one way to give out free money-making ideas to an innumerable audience.

Your full biography
It feels good to talk about oneself, but for security reasons, it is safer to limit the amount of vital information that one puts on social media. Many fake accounts are created and recreated with people’s real pictures and their biography. This is because their information is already provided for on their social media account(s) and for this reason, scammers and fraudsters can easily take their pictures and with that, recreate fake accounts in their name.
Your  relationship issues
Though it may feel like people care, really, almost everyone on social media either wants to make money or just get entertained and your serious relationship issue may be a form of entertainment to such people. No matter how many comments that may attract, a large number of them are not really bothered about that trouble of yours. It’s your relationship, not for anyone else. It’s safer and better to keep such issues to yourself. Don’t go all out feeling like the celebrant of a pity-party.
Irrelevant information
It is not uncommon to find people posting stuff about themselves, including updates like, “just got out of the bathroom”, “my sleeping face”, etc, No matter how interesting this is to you, it doesn’t increase the cost of food in the market. Please keep it to yourself.
Nude Pictures 
Every right-thinking and psychologically-satisfied person loves his or her body, but no matter how obsessed you are with you body, please protect your body. It will be wrong to litter social media with what’s meant to be private, this makes you a public property, and you know what? Nobody really cares about public property, we all like private things.
Drugs and alcohol
Pictures of people drinking hard and taking selfies of themselves in their foolery are not hard to come by nowadays. Worse still, we see people drinking alcohol and when they are tired of drinking, they pour it either on the floor or their hands. Funny as this ugly trend is, it is confirmed that this neither makes a person better nor make a nation better.
Family issues
It is not in contention that Social Media is not the best place for family meetings or throwing tantrums. It is advisable to keep personal and other family issues within the family. Sharing them on Social Media is not a guarantee that solution is gonna come. Your family issue, no matter how serious, should be dealt with within the family, not on Social Media. Your village head doesn’t own a room there!

Share with us, what are those things you feel shouldn’t be shared on social media?


Abiodun Abiola – Nanaclassique & noireetmagnifique

Beautiful Abiola stands out as a fashionista and the brain behind Nanaclassique and she is the CEO of noireetmagnifique. She’s been in the business of styling “slaying” Nigerians and Nigerian celebrities are not excluded. Nanaclassique is known for her beautiful designs and these can be confirmed via some of her works pictured below:

follow on IG @ nanaclassique

 Richard Bale – Green Pasture

Richard Bale, who prefers to be called Green Pasture started making professional footwear in 2013 after his National Youth Service and in the past three years, one can say that Green Pasture is making impact. See some of his works below:

Dolapo Habiba M. – Mix & Shakes Beeba
 Dolapo Mubarak, the young and enterprising CEO of Mix & Shakes by Beeba has carved a niche for herself in the area of making cocktails and other drinks and she does this with class as well whilst giving her clients the best they can ever ask for in this regard. Some of her products and services are pictured below:

Godiya Dangana  (Gdia) – Sense of Decency

Young and delectable Singer, Godiya, who is popularly known as Gdia has made her mark not only in the music industry but also in fashion. The young and enterprising lady is the CEO and brain behind “Sense of decency”, a fashion outfit that has made its mark in styling and making beautiful clothes, shoes, throw pillows, bags, souvenirs and other allied products. Find pictures of some of her works below:

Emmanuel Akinpelu – CEO, Studio 92
Young and energetic Emmanuel is the brain behind Studio 92 photography and has endlessly put finesse to the art of capturing moments in the lives of his clients. The just-graduated student of the prestigious Samuel Adegboyega University, Edo State does not only capture moments in amazing ways but goes further to create graphics in the most amazing way possible. Here are some of his captured moments:

Amara Adichie- CEO – Ciatajolie
Amara, who is better known for her brand name, Ciatajolie stands out amongst make-up artists in the country. Not only does she carry out make-up but she also knows the art well enough to transform her clients in as many forms as they want. Her pictures speak better for her:

Stella Saba – CEO, Giftestelle
 Saba, as she is fondly called, is an Abuja-based hair stylist who makes wigs, styles hair and is   proficient in keeping and assisting in the growth of natural hair using hers as a proof of her handiwork. 


There are many fallacies and notions that Christians carry about church that should be either done away with or redirected. Some of these are discussed below:

You are the church

Most of the issues and controversies that surround churches nowadays are centered on the fact that the church is misrepresented. Everyone assumes that church is that beautiful building that can be entered into or accessed per time. Well, the church is not a place, it is a person, and you, at that. The church is the coming together of Christians; Christians are the body of Christ and as such, they form the church. Most importantly, if Christ has chosen to dwell in humans, mortal bodies, then it is wrong and would be a misappropriation to respect a building more than the entities in which Christ himself has chosen to dwell.

Church should accommodate all kinds of people

It is very wrong to assume that church is meant to have all the good people on earth. Nay! The church is like a clinic, you go there to get better, you go there in order to improve. The church is meant to accommodate different kinds of people; people who are with or without good character. There

is no better place for a sick person than the hospital, in the same vein, there is no better place for anyone else in the world than the gathering of Christians. So when you see sinners, evil people, bad people (in your own judgment, that is), going to church, to fellowship, it is going to be worthless for you to attempt to cast your “judgment stone” on them. They are coming to get better.

God loves sinners, He hates their sins

Just like a popular Nigerian proverb says: “Do not throw away a child with the bath water” . God is interested in sinners, for which reason he sent His only son to die for their sins. Therefore, inasmuch as God hates sins, He loves the sinners and he wishes so very much that they will turn from their wicked ways and embrace God. (Romans 10:13)

It’s not your job to judge

People nowadays have formed the habit of judging Christians with their own standards and supposed “church standards”. Well, your church should teach you not to do this, as God is not hiring. He is the righteous judge and your church standards are not the ultimate yardstick for measuring someone’s righteousness. It is not uncommon to see People being rated as Christians because they follow their church doctrines, which most of the times includes their modes of dressing, talking, etc. Most of them follow doctrines and abandon the gospel of Christ, which in itself is not right.

The most expensive gift you can give to God is not money

So many “money seeking” churches (if they are fit to be so-called) have in their quest for more money forgotten about the most important assignment for which they are called. Your church should teach you to know that money is not the best thing you can give to God; your life is. Many “pastors” will collect money from you to “support the work of God” without knowing whether or not you have Given your life to Christ. The best and most expensive thing you can give to God is  not your money or church offering, it is not even your tithe and offerings. Your life goes first. Men may be interested in your money and possessions but God wants your life. He gave His only begotten son up so that He can have your life, not your money! Your life! You first, before all you have gets to Him, He wants you! You! You!Your life is more important to God than your money. Don’t let any one trick you to give up all you have to them when you do not yet have a good relationship with God. God first. He is not hungry, he needs your life, not your money. God is not a beggar, don’t attempt to give Him money if he doesn’t have your life. (Matthew 6:33).

Everybody is meant to “preach” the gospel

It is erroneous to believe that preaching the gospel is exclusively the work of Pastors. God has commissioned Christians to go and preach the gospel. It is our responsibility as Christians to preach the Gospel, to go into all the ends of the earth, to spread the gospel! God doesn’t desire for sinners to perish, He wants them to come into light, knowledge. Therefore, relying on only the Pastors to do this would be inimical to the spread of Christendom. We are meant to show forth his power, his works, his glory, to the Ends of the Earth!


A talent is a blessing and a gift from God but then, not all talents make it through the windows of admiration from the ends of the world. Most of the people who have multiple talents do not necessarily succeed as those who have few of the talents they possess. Here are some of the reasons why it is that way:

Multi-talent is confusing

Having too many talents and not knowing how to use them is like having too many wrist watches; they all will not be accurate enough to inform you on what time it is you wanna know. Most of the people who are multi-talented are almost always confused as to what exactly they are supposed to be doing in life. Most of them are unsure what exactly is going to bring them to limelight and they tend to fiddle with one talent per time.

Multi-talent doesn’t guarantee success

Having so many talents does not necessarily guarantee that one will be successful in life. Most of the times, the “excess” talents constitute distractions to the people who seem to have them. This is because they tend to feed and explore all  of their talents at once thereby leading themselves to be less than professionals in all that they possess as talents.

Division of direction and focus

Many of the people who are seemingly multi-talented tend to be confused as to which of their talents they specifically need to focus on. Therefore, most of them live their lives wandering and hovering on each talent per time, thereby wasting the time that could be spent on developing and being the best on one out of all the talents. They further find it difficult to focus solely and strongly on one thing and this doesn’t help them in their pursuit of a career and allied matters.

They are known for many things but barely the best at one

Because multi-talented people are good at many things and can hardly focus on one thing well, they are known for everything and can be rated above average in all their areas of talent but can hardly be reckoned with as the best in one thing. This makes them qualify to be called the jack of all trades.

Multi-talented people are almost always busy doing too many things
Most of the times, multi-talented people tend to find themselves helping a lot of people with one challenge or the other.  This is because they easily come to mind when one thinks of an accessible unaccomplished talent and multi-talented people on the other hand find fulfillment in helping others than they do in themselves. So they find themselves busy helping the world but themselves and since they find fulfillment in helping others, they don’t mind saying farewell to one talent after using it in helping people.

 They easily lose interest, even in themselves

Because of the abundance of talents and the unfulfilled quest for success, multi-talented people will switch from one of their talents to another, easily while those who have few talents will stick to their talents and make the best of it. This makes the multi-talented people easily frustrated and increase the tendency of them losing interest in everything, including themselves while sliding in and out of depression at times.

They easily follow trends and do not dictate trends

Multi-talented people tend to get inspired by trends in order to realize and uncover most of the things they can do but were unaware of. For this reason, they tend to find out some of their talents when they see others do same and they are hardly the first to do anything good.They blend with the trend and they are always in a hurry to try out things that have been done by others. This puts them in a good condition to be seen as number two.

However, there are few multi-talented people in life who have become very successful and have been known all around the world. In order to succeed, a multi-talented person should know and do these:

* Focus on strengths – feed your focus and starve your distraction!
* Know that which gives you joy
* Do one thing at at ime
*Give your best in all that you do
*Embrace the spirit of perseverance
*Know that one talent that you enjoy better than the other ones.


I personally think that this question can only be seen from different perspectives. Is it really right for a guy to spend endlessly on a girl simply because they are in a relationship that MAY or will HOPEFULLY lead to marriage? Lets consider these from a Yes/No perspective

Well, Yes, a guy should pay a girl’s bills for the following reasons and in the following circumstances

A man who wants to get married should have enough money to cater for “his woman”

Inasmuch as the relationship is not about money, a man who intends to get married to the woman he is dating should have what it takes to at least fend for few of a woman’s needs. The man should know that marriage comes with responsibilities and if he cannot care for a single woman, how much more a woman and children, plus all those expenses that come with marriage and fatherhood. Spending on her is an indication that you have no intentions of stressing out the woman who’s gonna bear your children and your name. It shouldn’t just be about professing “dry love” for her. Chairman, do something!

A man will only spend money on something that matters to him

No matter how broke the man may be, if he loves a woman, he will find a way to spend, out of his “poverty”, on her. This is because your heart lies where your treasure is. Most of the financially poor couples who live happily together are able to find happiness with themselves because they understand each other very well, more so, they know that their partners would do more for them if they have the wherewithal. If a man CANNOT spend on a woman, it could be an indication that he cares less about her; no matter how it is seen or perceived.

It goes a long way to prove the man’s sense of responsibility

This is Africa and we all know and agree that the man is the head of the family. If in a relationship, a man cannot pull his fiancee out of financial stress (where necessary), how much more in marriage? So being a man or a husband is not just about bearing a male name, it also involves having a “manly” pocket too. lol. Spending much on a woman you are dating especially when she needs it, providing for her needs – especially pressing needs- is an indication that the man is a “husband material – 12 yards, veritable real wax”. lol!

On the other hand, here are reasons i feel a man is not obligated to spend money on his girlfriend/fiance

A woman should have a life of her own

A woman should have a complete life, such that with or without a man, she can survive. Dating a man should not be a life time opportunity or an avenue for anyone to make money, except if you are doing business together. Therefore, being a woman is not just about being born a female gender; it requires the productive use of two hands and ten fingers, and even a functional brain to produce money for yourself. If the man wants to spend on the woman, fine, that’s his business, but it should’t be a do or die affair because the body or relationship is neither for sale or at the instance of money. 

It’s an emotional relationship, not a job opportunity

Being in a relationship where marriage may be intended is not meant to just be a financial relationship. Every woman wants to be treated well with different gifts and all that, but most importantly, the value of a gift should not be measured by its market worth but should be commensurate with the worth of the relationship. So, dating a man does not automatically means that he has inherited and bought all your financial hardships. It’s a relationship, not a job opportunity or business gateway. The notion of finding a man to handover the baton of your hardship to is not one that is fanciful. Use your hands: even physically disabled people make money nowadays.
A man shouldn’t be the only one to provide money
Although most of the financial responsibilities of any union rests on the man, but that is not an outright sanction or verdict that indicates that the woman should do absolutely nothing. A woman should also be a source of joy to her husband and to her family as a whole. If a woman cannot fend or provide her basic needs before marriage, how much more difficult will it be when she gets married? Moreover, if she can hardly sustain herself as a single lady, her potential husband should just get set to fix his hands in a cuff of unending needs that cannot be easily provided.
So, having said these, i gotta know your opinions. Do you think it is right, moral, necessary and/or obligatory for a man to provide all or most of a woman’s needs simply because they are in a relationship? Let’s hear you please.


Holding on to an abusive relationship

It is quite understandable that no one is perfect, yes, no one is meant to be, but no woman should sit and manage a man who does not appreciate her, especially if he derives pleasure in abusing her. It is pointless sticking to a man who wants to take your life away simply because you think you love him. Well, it should be known to you that love is worth receiving, just as it is worth giving. As for sticking to a man who abuses you in the case of marriage, you are entitled to your own opinion but it is better to live long in isolation than to die defending a man who cares less about your life. Dying for love has gone out of fashion; nowadays, we live for love!

Spending your money on a man

Spending your money, either hard-earned or soft-earned, on a man will definitely be a reverse of the order of   God’s plan. A man is meant to be the one who basically caters for the family. A woman is expected to be a help, meet (fit, proper, prom, adequate, sufficient) for a man. In other words, a woman is meant to assist a man. Assistance is not sponsorship; it means that the man is doing something and you are supporting him. Spending money on a man, for whatever reasons will affect the relationship and kill the man’s ego. However, a woman is meant to support a man if things get sour, but that’s not her responsibility and it shouldn’t be tagged so.

Even if he cheats, he will come back to me

Dear sister, i can read God’s mind right now. Jesus did not die on the cross for you to behave like this. No! He’d be pretty disappointed if he sees you acting like this. you see, no matter what you choose to endure or tolerate from a man, do not sit down there and pat his cheating ass. Every woman deserves a man who will  be just for her alone. No cheating. Treat yourself well, you deserve better.

I will fight for my man

So you have been crowned as the Lioness of your generation and this is what you choose to do with your power and prowess abi? This is somewhat complicated and it is totally dependent on what kinda fight is involved. Most importantly, a man who you have to fight to get is not yours. You are entitled to your opinion though. If in case you “win” such a fight, well, be ready to do more of those fights like for the rest of your life because that fight opens doors to more fights. So quit fighting for and over a man; instead, spend time to invest in yourself. You are also worth fighting for, abi?

Finding a man will bring an end to my problems
Every stage in life comes with its own challenges. No matter what you go through in life, if you cannot fend for yourself and take good care of yourself, how much more difficult will it be for you if your challenges are added up with that of another person? it won’t be any easy. So, finding a man will not bring an end to any of your challenges, you should be a complete person; one who knows how to take care of herself and as well, one who finds satisfaction and contentment in oneself.


Time waits for no one
No matter how young you feel today, looking back to the days when you were a baby, it’s still gonna feel like just yesterday. Therefore, time waits for no one and respects no one. If you have anything to do today, please do it while there is time because you owe yourself the very responsibility of doing things at the fastest possible pace. Very soon, you are gonna look back and realise that you have come very far from childhood and that is not a time to regret the things that you didn’t do. Take chances today. do the right things
There is no perfect time for anything
We are always waiting for a good time, a perfect time, a great time. Well, you have so much time today. Today you have the chance to say and do all that you have the strength and time to do. It is pointless waiting for a time to do something good. Bear this in mind, there is no perfect time for anything but what you do with your time is what makes any time perfect.
Aging comes without negotiation
No matter the fitness, the health therapies, the diets and all we choose and try to do, aging comes with time. Time comes when we realize that we have stopped growing and started aging. No matter how long it takes, it will definitely come. Before you start aging, just be sure that you have grown well and learnt enough.
Change is constant
With or without our efforts, there are changes that will occur in our lives and we will not be able to do anything about them. Change is constant and man is dynamic. We have the right, opportunity and enablement to adjust to the change that occurs around us, either positively or negatively. Have a positive attitude to change. Do not live in a stereotype mindset. If negative change occurs, work towards converting it for your good. Change with the trend. Fashion and other things are definitely gonna be transient. Do not be stereotype.
Karma is real
This is one law that has served people with all that they have sown aforetimes. It doesn’t matter the situation you find yourself in per time, it is expedient to acknowledge the fact that Karma is real. You reap all that you sow and even if you meet with people who are helpless or worse than helpless, do not take advantage of their situations because you just may find yourself in their shoes at a latter time, and woe betide you if you also find yourself in their hands.
Not all friends are forever
There are people we meet in life and just imagine the rest of our lives with them. We imagine all the beautiful things that we can do with them around us for as long as possible. Well, life disappoints us. Most of these people do not last for ever. Most of the times, they are not just friends but lovers or even confidants. When the time comes to let them go, it may be difficult but learn to let go, no matter the situation that occasions their exit from our lives.
Some good bonds are beneficial
While lots of people are busy building relationships, whether or not they are instantly beneficial to them, there are people who care less about how they relate with people and they end up offending the people they will eventually need in the future. It is important to create good bonds with whoever you meet in life, irrespective of the time, place and circumstances of the meeting.  
Beauty fades
The beauty referred to here is not the one that “lies in the eyes of the beholder” but the one we see and we refer to as beauty because it pleases the eyes. Analyze the beauty queens you have access to, from the time of their emergence as queens to fifty or fourty years after. No matter how much they try, the skin changes, faces change and everything else, including their voices (in most cases) do change. So do not live in the illusion that beauty is gonna stand as an asset someday. It fades, just like clothes.
You have what it takes to overcome hurt
There is no situation in life that is bigger than the one who faces it. Life is meant to be a journey and no matter how many times you dash your feet against a stone, you have just what it takes to continue in your journey. Perseverance is required for everyone in this journey of life. No matter the hurt, you can overcome it.
No one lives for ever
This is an undisputable fact about life. No matter how long you live, you cannot live forever so make your life worthwhile when you breath because one day, time will say “hello” to your breath.


Bishop David Oyedepo of the Living Faith Church worldwide, has appealed to those criticizing the school fees charged by Covenant University to desist from doing so or risk incurring the wrath of God. Speaking in a telecast to a pre-Shiloh 2016 Convention gathering of the church monitored via satellite in Jos on Saturday, November 5, the cleric said the critics were acting in ignorance, NAN reports.
Bishop Oyedepo said critics of the high fees charged by Covenant University risk incurring the wrath of God
– He advised the critics stop, saying they were acting out of ignorance 

– The cleric noted that the school fees paid by students of the university was a godly agenda

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