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Harmattan in Nigeria… those things that make you wanna hate harmattan season (photos)

    Harmattan in Nigeria

 When you forget to rub cream and you step out and the harmattan hits you

When you wanna smile but your lips remind you that it’s harmattan. no smiling, lolx
Okada men in Lagos be looking like
And then your hair chooses to be rebellious – TRYING TIMES
And then, 10 minutes after wearing your lipstick, your lips be like; SHAME ON ME
And then, your pastor tells you “you are going places”, but you don’t know WHICH LEG YOU ARE GONNA USE!


It is no longer news that Nigeria today is going through an economic recession which has forced Nigerians to go through and into so many unbelievable acts, which include but is not limited to stealing food from neighbours’ pots. However, there are so many ways by which one can escape this economic recession and be free indeed; here are a few
Adjust for good
When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. Looking back to the Nigerian economy today, not much is new. Many years ago, a two-hundred-naira note could provide a family with feeding, for days. Now, the case is different. So, do not live in the past or in the hopes of going back to how it used to be. Rather, have a fighting spirit. Spur up some energy and be resilient in gathering something now, because just like it seems to have been easier back then, if you do nothing today, you may find out that today may seem easier than tomorrow (when it comes).
Don’t beg for money, make money
Rather than going out of your house every day to beg for money, it is better to make money. Making money is quite different from looking for money. In such a time as this, do not sit down and wait for someone to employ you; instead, make money, employ hands to work with you. Find something to do with your hands. Go all out of your comfort zone and create wealth. Venture into entrepreneurship, step out of your comfort zone, find reasons to do something unusual.
Take advantage of recession
Yeah, there is economic recession, but in the same country, we have people who are still living in hourly luxury. Well, look at this, in a place where there is crisis and people are looking for ways to survive, if you are also looking for how to survive, it is erroneous. Instead of joining in the scout for food (for instance), go farther, buy in large quantities and come sell it to your hungry “colleagues”. Don’t join the bandwagon, be different. If everyone is complaining of theft in the same area where you are, don’t join them in constituting a watchmen group, rather, provide a safer means of saving money for them and let them pay for it. Don’t just swim through recession without taking advantage of it. Remember that there are things that people will always need, no matter the situation they find themselves. So, find out those things that people need everyday and supply it to them.
Look inward 
A wise man once said, “your talent will not fetch you money until you build a business around it”. Look within you, what do you have to offer? What can you give to the outside world? Whatever it is you have that people love to have, see and get is worth staking for money. So don’t be a jolly person who puts smiles on the faces of people yet cannot help himself. If all you know how to do is to make people laugh, don’t do it at their convenience, stage yourself and let them pay to watch you. If you know how to cook wonderful meals, don’t just cook for the whole world to come have a taste, put a price on it. Don’t sing in places where you laugh with those same people you sing to and you all have to fend for yourselves. Stage yourself. Position yourself in the place where people watch to see you.
Be disciplined
What’s worse? When you work so hard, toil in and out of the scorching effects of the sun, burn your strength all day, and then you spend your daily reward feeding your skin and starving your destiny. Before you think of luxury, think about the future. Be very disciplined in your spending. Don’t just buy something because the seller passed you by, spend your money consciously. Be very mindful of all that you spend your money on.  Invest and reinvest your earnings until recession becomes ashamed of you and will let go of its hold on you.
Remember that humans create the economy of every nation, not that the economy creates you. So, create the world you wanna see. It’s possible to escape this economic recession. xoxo 

3 things you should keep away from your closest friend

A Nigerian proverb says: “the ant that will bite you will always come from your wrapper”. So many  people have lost their joy and peace just because they trusted their so called “friends” way too much. So no matter how desperately you want to have and be a good friend, here are five things you should keep from your friend

Your biggest secret

If anything is a secret at all, then it should never be told. Once it leaves the mouth of one person, it fails to be a secret and will be treated as top gossip. You never know what your “friend” is planning against you so be careful.

Your financial status

So many friends will stop at nothing to suit their budgets to your account simply because they feel that you have more money than they do. So instead of going all out to tell the whole world how much you are worth, except of course you are a celebrity who can’t hide their net worth, you are advised to keep your financial status to yourself. It will help you more than it will any one else.

Your next move

Just in case your “friend is desperately planning to cross and crush you, the best way for you to help in defeating yourself is to expose your next move to your friend (enemy). So many people have by this act lost irreparable things in life and this makes it very imperative to keep your goodnews, badnews and next move to yourself, except of course it is worth sharing and will cause no harm or unnecessary jealousy.

Three notions that single ladies should discard about marriage

Society pressurizes one into doing a lot of things and ladies are not left out of this pressure, if at all they do not receive the most of it. However, there are so many wrong notions that are associated with marriage that should be done away with especially in this age, time and era.:
All men are the same
If all men were to be the same, the world would be such a wonderful and beautiful place. Well, before you go on to assume and conclude that all men are the same, examine all the men in your family; do you see them as vile and unreasonable people? Well, do you think your father is also a bad person? It is just important to note that all men cannot be the same. There is someone out there for you. There is someone who is different from all the men you have met. Remember that you haven’t met all the men in the whole world. Stay positive!

Marrying someone just because “it’s too late”

There is never a time that is too late for you to be truly happy in life. The high rate of divorce today is simply because ladies jump into marriages without considering the persons they are getting married to and also because society makes them feel like it’s a do or die affair at some point in their life. It’s much better to take your time so that you do not make choices that you are gonna regret sooner or later. Love is worth waiting for.
A lady has to impress a man

Far as this fallacy has gone, it has also destroyed the mindset of many young ladies today. Really, a man who is really interested in you will not need you to live all your life impressing him. He isn’t gonna play god with your life and watch you run up a mountain and back just to impress him. When a man loves you, even in your flaws and imperfections, he is in love with you and nothing changes that.


If you are a man who has been married for a period of ten to twenty years now, please count yourself VERY lucky to have escaped this generation of despicable feminine falsehood
Beauty has gone beyond being skin deep in our generation; now, it is market-deep because the depth you can go in the cosmetic market determines how much “beauty” you can get. Drop the philosophy of “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” because no matter how beautiful a woman may be, she becomes ugly if she is deceitful.
Finding a woman in this generation has become very difficult because our women are “loaded” with baggage that is not theirs. Therefore, in your quest for finding a woman, what you get is a creature made out of another creature. If it is this difficult to find a woman, how difficult will it be to find a wife?
The wickedness of women has only grown worse with time and those who have refused to be wicked are ignored and deemed to be lowly. The well-bred humble woman who won’t want to attach too much to herself to portray another non-existent version of herself is seen by all as unappealing while the large chunk of deceivers will stop at nothing to get the attention of men who MAY only discover their trick after months or even years of co-habitation.
Aforetime, pimples, acnes and other spots were treated and sometimes would take days to disappear from the faces of women, nowadays, it’s only a matter of seconds. A woman can easily conceal sunburn, acne, pimples and other unpleasant spots on her face and one would have to dig deep into her face to find this. Layers of substances are applied on the face and like the work of a potter, you find a finely carved clayey “beautiful” woman before you.  That is not all. Women who were endowed with mammary glands as large as chicken eggs have found solace in padded bras. This “uplifts” their bosoms immediately and big “busts” are as close to them as the clothes they put on. The worst, to me, is that of the padded shorts. I am still looking for the brain that innovated that. A woman with a flat “bum suddenly becomes “nickiminajious”. All she needs in order to look “sexy” is to put on her well carpentered shorts.
This is not the end of this. Prior to this period, I would stop at nothing to reply anyone who says women are callous but not anymore. How a woman becomes daring enough to fix FAKE EYES right on top of her real eyes amazes me. I heard it is called “contact lens”. I guess it makes them see the past, present and the future.
That is not all, I stumbled upon a mouth-gaping advert on the internet and this was called “butt lifter”. A kind of shorts a woman can wear under her clothes that would raise her bums. How far will women not go? Women have slowly graduated from the application of foundations, pan cakes, lip sticks, fake eye lashes, tattooed eyebrows, fake nails, fake bums to the use of butt lifter. I shouldn’t forget to mention the waist trainer too. Well, this goes to say that if this uneasy culture is imbibed by all women, our world will be free of shapeless and spotty-faced women. All we’ll have are true representations of Mother Eve around us.
I know a lady whose dentition was so very tight. Amazingly, I saw her another day with a gap in between her former tight tooth and she just won’t stop smiling. As women find this trend wonderful and enjoyable to them, men are at the receiving ends and this breaks my heart. In the days of my parents and grandparents, I guess falling in love was quite easy and real because it was easy to find and fall in love with real people. You could wake up very early in the morning, visit your lover and/or would-be spouse, go to the stream to fetch water together, see her REAL FACE and REAL SHAPE, admire her, play hide and seek with her, without marring her mascara, eye lashes or eye brow, you could hug your wife without being hugged by a padded bra, you could give your woman a peck without marring the coloration of her pancake, you could kiss her without destroying your clothes with the stains of lipstick, you could touch her eyes and eyelids without wiping away her eye shadow, you could lift up your woman and no “extra material” would come down before or with her. 
Take me back to those days, those days when women were real, when love was real, the days when love was original, those days when men could loosen women’s hair and not be scared of what they will see underneath the hair; those days when women were beautiful without Brazilian hair and still pretty without the application of movate cream. I long for those days when eyebrows grew freely, women looked angelic. I can reset my computer to an earlier date but I can’t reset Africa to an earlier date. If I could, I would reset Nigeria to 1800, so that I and my children will know real love. Let’s travel back to those days when you would touch a woman and know that you are touching her real skin and not layers of foundation. I long to see those days when nature was appreciated and artificial fixtures were alien to us; those days when women slept and woke up the same way they slept without any difference in their looks.
As a result of the foregoing, every lady out there is a “suspect”, she is either worse, better than, or as good as she appears. Any ways, men will have to be smarter. Should you meet the creature you think you may want to spend the rest of your life with, please interview her, we need more than intellectual interview, in this case, interview her with soap and water, scrub and mop her face, dry with towel, loosen every attachment on her hair, strip her of her clothes, just ensure you are checking that “product” you want to buy, and if she remains the same, please go and ask for her bride price before another person pays because such women are going into extinction in our generation. Or, what do you think?

Keep your husband away from home breakers

The rate of divorce in our society today is becoming alarming and it is best to learn how best to keep these young “witchy” creatures from your “hard-earned husband”. Lol. So, how best can you keep them very far away from your beloved hubby especially if you are having issues with your husband? 

·        Separate your husband from his fault(s)
It is not an easy thing to do, but while dealing with whatever hurt your husband might have caused you, do not forget that he is your husband, nothing is gonna change that fact. Don’t throw away the baby with the bath water. He remains your husband and even while dealing with the issues, you should be the sweet woman you have always been.

          Don’t give room for other people to come in

No matter what the issue is, don’t leave him to himself. Do not refuse to do for him all the things you would do if not for the issue in question. The reason is this; leaving him to himself will only make him learn how to do things without you, and you don’t wanna try this considering the fact that so many girls out there are ready to pamper his faults.

·        Talk but don’t nag

Women tend to get so used to body language that they forget verbal language. You should talk to your husband and be willing to make things work.Do not just sit down and react on the things he is not doing well. See and observe well enough for you to know what might be going wrong. Sometimes, women act over things that do not exist. Be the woman who builds her home and not the one who destroys it with her own hands.
·        Don’t leave your home  

    Leaving your home at any time at all is very detrimental to your relationship. No matter how bad it gets, do not, DO NOT, leave your home. if there are already single ladies “hanging outside” your marriage, your exit is just an invitation for them to come in and you sure know who’s gonna be sorry at the end. Sit down and build your home!

Learn to live a life of trust
It is very expedient for couples to love and trust each other. Love is not just enough though, trust makes the relationship very healthy. Understand your spouse, know his flaws and trust him accordingly. However, if in doubt, handle issues tactically.

Don’t let any man play with your heart!

Your heart is too precious for you to permit any creature to play with or break. It’s yours and you have to keep and preserve it well. Rather than sit still, here’s what you need to know and do:

·         You are as good as you think and feel
One reason why a girl will find herself at the mercy of any man out there is because of a feeling of inferiority to men. Note pls, men and women are not equal, they are both as good as they think and feel. There is no need for superiority; that kind of superiority that makes you feel like your man has to look down on you. It’s out-rightly wrong. So feel good about yourself, love yourself, be happy and pleased with yourself, love who you are, be satisfied with yourself and your life! Every man loves a woman who knows her worth.
·         Have a life of your own
Sitting down and waiting for someone to come make you happy to be alive is a direct application for foolery. Live your live, earn something, be happy doing something, pursue a vision, have a passion, no matter how little it may be, just do something. This way, any man who stares at you will know and understand that he is not just looking at an empty field, his eyes has been laid on a treasure!
·         Know that a woman is a treasure
A woman is a home maker, the one who stands beside a man at all times, makes their house a home, carries and nurses their children, the one with whom a couple becomes a family and a house becomes a home. A woman is the one who helps and supports a man. If you know that you are all of these, you won’t just sit down and be a figure head because you are a treasure. Something that is needed to complete someone’s life. You are a home maker. Know that and place more value on yourself.
·         Define your own life
Do not just permit any creature into your life. Have a definition for yourself; have a goal. Build your life in such a way that anyone who comes in will know, feel and understand that he is indeed very lucky. 

How some girls take care of common infections

So I found myself sitting in the midst of wonderful Nigerian girls who would stop at nothing to share their experiences in so many issues. However, we got to talk about infections and few of the commonest ways of curing them.
Ladies tend to find themselves caught with different kinds of infections per time. So, yours truly chose to share them with you. Lol. Enjoy!
·         Using Salt to cure vagina itch

I bet you have your eyes widely opened. Yeah Salt can effectively cure itching and bacteria due to its antibacterial properties. Wash your vagina with concentrated warm salt water whenever you feel the itching. This will give you great relief instantly and prevent further multiplication of bacteria. Alternately, you can fill half the bathtub with warm water and add half a cup of salt into it. Sit inside the tub in a squatting position. While sitting, open your vaginal walls using your finger so that the saline water goes inside and kills the bacterial action effectively.
·         Garlic; to cure smelly vagina and itch
Garlic contains antibacterial as well as antibiotic properties that can help kill bacteria and yeast. It also improves the immune system to fight infections in the body. Take a clove of fresh garlic and peel off the natural white paper shell that covers it, leaving the clove intact. Before you go to sleep in the night, put the clove into the vagina. In the morning, remove the garlic clove and throw it in the toilet. The garlic often causes the vagina to have a watery discharge. One night’s treatment might be enough to kill the infection depending on the level, or it might have to be repeated the next night if the itching is serious. Continue one or two days until all itchiness is gone. The reason why the treatment is done at bedtime is that there is a connection between the mouth and the vagina. The moment the garlic is placed in the vagina, the taste of the garlic travels up to the mouth. Some ladies find the strong flavor of garlic annoying during the day, so the treatment is best recommended for the night time.
·         Taking lots of water to stay healthy “down there”

water has been known to cure lots of diseases and vaginal issues/infections can be reduced with a sufficient intake of clean water daily.
·         Allow your body to breathe
So throw away the notion of wearing so many clothes at bed time. It is just advisable to wear loosely fitted nighties and that without panties too. This will, at least, allow some good air find its way around that arena.
So, these are the few gossips I had with my “girlfriends”. Let’s hear yours, what do you know about infections and simple ways to cure them? xoxo

Don’t form hard-to-get, do these instead

The “hard-to-get” attitude that girls have continually put on when men show interest in them has only helped one in nine hundred girls. So what’s the fuss about? Why take yourself too seriously? Rather than forming hard-to-get, consider these
·         If you are not interested, say “NO” nicely

Saying “no”, for so many girls has become some difficult thing to do. Most importantly, it is better to sit a man down and let him know the many reasons why you are not interested in him. Its better than pushing him around and trying to make him feel like a man, worse still, you know in your church mind that you like this guy, come on, who are you deceiving? If you are not interested, say a nice “NO”. let him understand why, and be friends with him afterwards. This life is too short jare.
·         If you are interested, let him see your intelligence

Rather than just sit and feel good about all that the guy has to say about you, let him see your intelligence. Give him reasons to believe that what he is going for is more than he has just seen. Let him see the invisible part of you. Guys are moved by what they see, but remember that what is seen with the heart and felt with the mind is more important than what the eyes literally see, so, present the invisible part of you
·         Don’t just be a lady, be a mystery

Don’t just sit down and form “hard-to-get”, do not just enjoy listening to all that this man says you are, Let there be more to you than meets the eye

Why smart girls won’t permit oral sex

The rate of prevalence of oral sex is alarming and this seems to be happening everywhere. Despite the supposed “pleasure” of oral sex, there are so many disadvantages and issues related.
·         Oral sex doesn’t stop you from contracting infections
Many girls assume that by having oral sex, they are safe from pregnancies, but more worrisome is the fact that they escape from pregnancies and are inhabited by harmful bacteria. This is because having a man’s mouth in your private area makes it very possible and easy for all the bacteria in the man’s mouth to travel through your vagina, and the deeper the thrust, the easier the bacteria find their way.

·         oral sex harms your partner as well as yourself

so no matter how much you love your partner, remember that giving him oral sex will also pose to him the kind of risks you are exposed to. Bacteria from your mouth will travel through his male organ and infections are gonna have  a filled day on him.


Your mouth is a jungle, home to bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoa. When you open wide a fresh supply make their way inside. Most are harmless, taking advantage of the wonderful hospitality inside you. See more about mouth bacteria at
So, I really don’t know what you think, but before you open your legs to oral sex, think about your health dearies. Or what do you think?
Yours truly, Angel Gold.

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