A lot of upcoming gospel artistes today do not know or understand their tide or the tide they find themselves in.

For every venture, whether musical or not, there is a tide, there is a flow, there is a pattern; something to be followed meticulously and carefully.

An upcoming gospel artiste should decipher and understand what is most important at every time and in every venture.

In the life of David in the Bible, there was the time when he killed the lion and the bear, for no recognition, but for posterity, and for the purpose of doing right. But when it was time to kill Goliath, it was for reward, and recognition naturally followed, without his announcement or bargain.

Not every ministration or invitation should be bargained for in monetary terms. There are times when you just have to work, for a GOOD NAME, for respect, for integrity, not just for money.

Some gospel artistes (upcoming especially) will not honour some invitations if they are not going to be well paid for it. Worse still, these are artistes who are rarely and barely known for what they do. 

While it is important to build wealth around talent and ministry, it is equally important to not lose integrity and worth in pursuit of wealth.

There are a lot of souls that can be saved by your ministrations if only you will go and minister without bargain. Note: it is necessary to receive monetary reward (or its kind) for ministrations, but UNDERSTAND THE TIDE.

There are platforms where upcoming gospel artistes go to sing and are introduced to even better platforms where they get bigger money and fame from. UNDERSTAND YOUR TIDE!

Wisdom is profitable to direct. David killed the lion and the bear in the presence of no one, he did this because it was worth doing, He wasn’t paid for it, nobody brought recognition to him for doing that in such a time. yet, he didn’t go about going to broadcast it, he referred to it at the right time.

The small platforms you find for ministrations today may just serve as relevant points for your “CV” tomorrow. Understand your tide.

For an upcoming gospel music minister to succeed in his ministry, he should understand his tide, know what to say in certain places, understand that there are places you go to, not for your stomach’s sake but for tomorrow’s sake; for the best of tomorrow and not just today. 

Beyond skills and talent, UNDERSTAND YOUR TIDE, just like the sons of Issachar, have a good understanding of your times and seasons. Don’t be a bargainer when you should be a minister.

This (understanding tide), is one of the challenges of upcoming gospel music ministers, and we hope you take a cue from this, to improve your ministry.

Please we do anticipate your honest opinions on this as you share.

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