The media is coming for your children! Richmoore Edet, the Preaching Poet cries out

This great piece by the Preaching Poet, Richmoore Edet seeks to bring to light the unarguable magnitude of calamity the media tends to hold for this present generation, especially the children.

Richmoore Edet, also known as “The Preaching Poet” is a Phenomenal and prolific poet who holds a Bachelors degree in Theatre Arts.

The piece sheds more light on the goings on in the media today and how it affects childhood as well as proper parenting. This piece affects all who were once children, children of this age, parents, would-be parents, mentors, guardians, grand parents, uncles, aunties, and by extension, all humans across the globe.

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“The Virus Virusly Viral” by Richmoore Edet, the Preaching Poet.