Society pressurizes one into doing a lot of things and ladies are not left out of this pressure, if at all they do not receive the most of it. However, there are so many wrong notions that are associated with marriage that should be done away with especially in this age, time and era.:
All men are the same
If all men were to be the same, the world would be such a wonderful and beautiful place. Well, before you go on to assume and conclude that all men are the same, examine all the men in your family; do you see them as vile and unreasonable people? Well, do you think your father is also a bad person? It is just important to note that all men cannot be the same. There is someone out there for you. There is someone who is different from all the men you have met. Remember that you haven’t met all the men in the whole world. Stay positive!

Marrying someone just because “it’s too late”

There is never a time that is too late for you to be truly happy in life. The high rate of divorce today is simply because ladies jump into marriages without considering the persons they are getting married to and also because society makes them feel like it’s a do or die affair at some point in their life. It’s much better to take your time so that you do not make choices that you are gonna regret sooner or later. Love is worth waiting for.
A lady has to impress a man

Far as this fallacy has gone, it has also destroyed the mindset of many young ladies today. Really, a man who is really interested in you will not need you to live all your life impressing him. He isn’t gonna play god with your life and watch you run up a mountain and back just to impress him. When a man loves you, even in your flaws and imperfections, he is in love with you and nothing changes that.


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