Especially in West Africa, it is almost a widely accepted “norm” that men are polygamous in nature and are “licensed” to cheat in relationships, especially in marital relationships.
However, these excuses have made men very lose and are banking on this “license” to go wild in their cheating game. Here are a few reasons why men cheat, funny enough, women are mostly

1. Women have come to accept cheating

Young woman upset with man on phone — Image by © Eric Glenn/DK Stock/Corbis

Since women have stooped so low to grant men the right to cheat, it has become a license for men to cheat knowing that their women would “understand”, “cope” and fight other women rather than challenging such men to faithfulness. It therefore gives the men the notion that women will always be there to babysit their cheating asses!

2. Women live in self denial

Young woman upset with man on phone — Image by © Eric Glenn/DK Stock/Corbis

One of the most annoyingly irritating things I have heard ever is that a woman should not check a man’s phone in order not to find out that the man is cheating. In every serious relationship, there should be faithfulness, except it is otherwise hitherto agreed upon by both parties. Knowledge is expensive but ignorance is more expensive. It is better to know that a man is cheating than to sit in denial and have yourself to blame in the end. Knowing that a man is cheating will not open anyone up to any unpleasant surprises; just so you don’t throw your gold to a pig.

3. Africans blame women when men cheat

In a typical African home, whenever something goes wrong, especially if a man is cheating, people want to question the woman as to what she is doing wrong to mandate him to cheat. Nobody wants to blame the man at first, they want to ask, aren’t you dressing well, aren’t you cooking well, haven’t you been “satisfying” him?… nobody wants to confront the man and put it to him that what he is doing is bad. It seems more like the man has the right to cheat if the woman doesn’t do something right. On the contrary, it’s about the couple, they have to make it work.

4. Relationships are not well defined

When a relationship is not well defined, it is not uncommon to find men cheating in such relationships. Afterall, there’s wherever there’s no law, there’s no trespass.

5. Dating immature men.

Weird as it may seem, there are still some immature men who do feel like they can boost their egos of feel more like men when they cheat. These are men who believe that it’s a man’s world and this erroneous notion gives them the impression that they could cheat and still feel like bosses. it’s probably that they don’t have much experience with monogamy. A man might see a committed relationship as a novel idea, and not fully grasp the work that’s involved.


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