A talent is a blessing and a gift from God but then, not all talents make it through the windows of admiration from the ends of the world. Most of the people who have multiple talents do not necessarily succeed as those who have few of the talents they possess. Here are some of the reasons why it is that way:

Multi-talent is confusing

Having too many talents and not knowing how to use them is like having too many wrist watches; they all will not be accurate enough to inform you on what time it is you wanna know. Most of the people who are multi-talented are almost always confused as to what exactly they are supposed to be doing in life. Most of them are unsure what exactly is going to bring them to limelight and they tend to fiddle with one talent per time.

Multi-talent doesn’t guarantee success

Having so many talents does not necessarily guarantee that one will be successful in life. Most of the times, the “excess” talents constitute distractions to the people who seem to have them. This is because they tend to feed and explore all  of their talents at once thereby leading themselves to be less than professionals in all that they possess as talents.

Division of direction and focus

Many of the people who are seemingly multi-talented tend to be confused as to which of their talents they specifically need to focus on. Therefore, most of them live their lives wandering and hovering on each talent per time, thereby wasting the time that could be spent on developing and being the best on one out of all the talents. They further find it difficult to focus solely and strongly on one thing and this doesn’t help them in their pursuit of a career and allied matters.

They are known for many things but barely the best at one

Because multi-talented people are good at many things and can hardly focus on one thing well, they are known for everything and can be rated above average in all their areas of talent but can hardly be reckoned with as the best in one thing. This makes them qualify to be called the jack of all trades.

Multi-talented people are almost always busy doing too many things
Most of the times, multi-talented people tend to find themselves helping a lot of people with one challenge or the other.  This is because they easily come to mind when one thinks of an accessible unaccomplished talent and multi-talented people on the other hand find fulfillment in helping others than they do in themselves. So they find themselves busy helping the world but themselves and since they find fulfillment in helping others, they don’t mind saying farewell to one talent after using it in helping people.

 They easily lose interest, even in themselves

Because of the abundance of talents and the unfulfilled quest for success, multi-talented people will switch from one of their talents to another, easily while those who have few talents will stick to their talents and make the best of it. This makes the multi-talented people easily frustrated and increase the tendency of them losing interest in everything, including themselves while sliding in and out of depression at times.

They easily follow trends and do not dictate trends

Multi-talented people tend to get inspired by trends in order to realize and uncover most of the things they can do but were unaware of. For this reason, they tend to find out some of their talents when they see others do same and they are hardly the first to do anything good.They blend with the trend and they are always in a hurry to try out things that have been done by others. This puts them in a good condition to be seen as number two.

However, there are few multi-talented people in life who have become very successful and have been known all around the world. In order to succeed, a multi-talented person should know and do these:

* Focus on strengths – feed your focus and starve your distraction!
* Know that which gives you joy
* Do one thing at at ime
*Give your best in all that you do
*Embrace the spirit of perseverance
*Know that one talent that you enjoy better than the other ones.



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