While social media is the rave of the moment, especially among youths all over the world, it is expedient to note that there are things that should not be displayed on social media, no matter the pressure. Some of these are discussed hereunder:

Business ideas
An idea should not be a subject for global discussion. Once a business idea is conceived, it shouldn’t be shared to the whole world, instead, it should be treated as a business idea; given the due consideration and attention it requires to birth success. Sharing business ideas on social media is one way to give out free money-making ideas to an innumerable audience.

Your full biography
It feels good to talk about oneself, but for security reasons, it is safer to limit the amount of vital information that one puts on social media. Many fake accounts are created and recreated with people’s real pictures and their biography. This is because their information is already provided for on their social media account(s) and for this reason, scammers and fraudsters can easily take their pictures and with that, recreate fake accounts in their name.
Your  relationship issues
Though it may feel like people care, really, almost everyone on social media either wants to make money or just get entertained and your serious relationship issue may be a form of entertainment to such people. No matter how many comments that may attract, a large number of them are not really bothered about that trouble of yours. It’s your relationship, not for anyone else. It’s safer and better to keep such issues to yourself. Don’t go all out feeling like the celebrant of a pity-party.
Irrelevant information
It is not uncommon to find people posting stuff about themselves, including updates like, “just got out of the bathroom”, “my sleeping face”, etc, No matter how interesting this is to you, it doesn’t increase the cost of food in the market. Please keep it to yourself.
Nude Pictures 
Every right-thinking and psychologically-satisfied person loves his or her body, but no matter how obsessed you are with you body, please protect your body. It will be wrong to litter social media with what’s meant to be private, this makes you a public property, and you know what? Nobody really cares about public property, we all like private things.
Drugs and alcohol
Pictures of people drinking hard and taking selfies of themselves in their foolery are not hard to come by nowadays. Worse still, we see people drinking alcohol and when they are tired of drinking, they pour it either on the floor or their hands. Funny as this ugly trend is, it is confirmed that this neither makes a person better nor make a nation better.
Family issues
It is not in contention that Social Media is not the best place for family meetings or throwing tantrums. It is advisable to keep personal and other family issues within the family. Sharing them on Social Media is not a guarantee that solution is gonna come. Your family issue, no matter how serious, should be dealt with within the family, not on Social Media. Your village head doesn’t own a room there!

Share with us, what are those things you feel shouldn’t be shared on social media?


  1. The more you discuss your relationship issues on social medias, expect a more confusing relationship. People should learn to seek counsel.

  2. Anyone who shares nude pictures on facebook is of no value, worthless, out of market. People who know how precious their body is to them won't be involved in such act. I am sorry I can't patronize such people and anyone who does it is not because they love you but for their immediate satisfaction. Anyone can come and purchase you after which you are dumped back to the same public place. This is more common to ladies.

  3. Wrong to discuss a business idea on fb except that it's not a viable idea. Make it a private thing as you work towards executing and meet relevant firms for consultation


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