I have waited patiently for this time
The period when forever starts
When you and i will place our feet at the stair case of matrimony
And walk together, for as long as forever

However, i need you to know a few things

I will be the wife you need, and maybe the woman you want
I will be your shelter when life attempts to drench you
I will be your sister, sister like no other
And i will be your woman, the one you can always run to

I’ll be the one who understands your soul
I’ll tolerate your tantrums, in fact, I’ll entertain them with joy
I’ll be a saint, an angel and a bitch in one
I’ll be your wife, the best woman in your life

When you come home to me, after a hectic day
I’ll drain away your stress, and make you feel like heaven
Our home will be, to you, a safe-landing
And I’ll make you pleased, to run home daily

I’ll learn to make the most and best of your meals
It’s aroma will wake you up in the morning
And send you to sleep at night
After you have been showered, with water and love

When you throw away your clothes around unworthy places
When you soil your clothes, and make yourself disheveled,
No matter the roughness, no matter how unkempt,
I’ll be the woman who welcomes you with a kiss

And when you look your worst, no matter how bad
I’ll lift your feet, place them in my laps
Grant you pedicure & manicure, anoint your feet with oil
Drag you through your collar, and kiss your lips, chapped or not

And if you feel overwhelmed, should the challenges of life get to you
If you feel stressed, exasperated or worn out
If you feel like you don’t know where to go
My heart will house you, my arms will soothe you

If you ever feel most insecure
You don’t have to worry, I’ll bare the pain
While you sleep and snore out of pain and stress,
I’ll go on my knees and speak to the Creator on your behalf

No matter the stress you go through
Should the smile on your face ever appear to be faint,
I’ll entreat the Lord for your sake
And ensure that your joy is endless

 When men gather, men of timber and calibre
When men speak, no matter what they say
I won’t hesitate to make it known to the world
That you escaped from heaven, a saint, to me

And whenever i get you pissed off
And i hear your voice, amassed in anger and pain
I’ll be cool, calm and quiet
I’ll be a woman, neither a nag nor a tigress

At the extreme point of your emotions
I’ll be patient, i’ll be considerate
i’ll help you pass by your anger
And remind you that i still love you

My body, as bread dipped in honey
Is what i present to you
The chastity of my being
I’ll reserve to excite your soul

I’ll endure and enjoy all things
With you, the journey is worth every stress
But the day a strange woman comes in
is the day you lose your wife

For every kindness i ever have shown
shall be returned to you, a multiplied weight of anger
And the love we did share
Become a feud, a battle a war

so treasure this love i give
for i am just being a woman
a wife, greater than just  a woman
a virtuous wife, a woman in love!


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