On this new song titled “Dear Savior” by Nuel the Extraordinary, produced by E’keyz, Nuel states that Christmas has always been his favorite time of the year in the month of December, a month set aside specially to celebrate beauty and honor the one who was, is and is to come! Hence, this is a letter to God, in sincerity to say once again words will never be enough to praise him, so we can only try to crown him, Our Sovereign God! We Crown You! Please join in the frenzy of this beautiful piece and make this a part of your Christmas ritual and tradition, God bless you!

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Dear Savior by Nuel the Extraordinary

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Verse 1

Dear Saviour, Lord Jesus king of all the ages,

where would I be if it weren’t for you

Dear Saviour Lord Jesus father of all of nature,

what would I be if it weren’t for you


All the elders and Angels bow as the earth adores you,

sovereign of all the earth…

All the elders and Angels bow, as we worship you,

sovereign of all the earth…


We crown…you, we crown you

crown you, we crown you

Humm Part

Uh-huh… X8

Verse 2

Dear Saviour Lord Jesus the heavenly host rejoices, our savior earth receives

Dear Saviour Lord Jesus in a lowly manger, baby Jesus dwells in peace



(Humm Part)

Verse 3

Dear Saviour Lord Jesus all our sins forgiven,

Jesus Christ our only grace

Dear Saviour Lord Jesus as you reign eternal,

help us win salvation’s race



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