“Do not mock the tears of a praying mother”… (A praying wife) piece by Richmoore Edet

A praying wife by Richmoore Edet appraises the beauty of the ribs that intercedes for the husband. The piece deals with the intellectual, spiritual and moral standard of a praying woman and eliminates the box that limits her as it exposes us to a woman/wife who knows her worth.

In this age and time of misplaced priorities especially among the women folk, a praying woman, be it wife or mother, is a rarity, and a man is twice blessed if he has both in his life.

The number of women who are ready to fit into a man’s “highs” are much more than those who’ll bruise their knees, distort their heels, swing their hairs, rack their voices and destroy their mascaras just so their husbands/children are at the peak of their destinies.

Examine yourself, do you have a praying wife or a preying knife?

Do you have a praying mother?

Get this piece. It’s worth your time!

Listen Below:

Download below:

A Praying Wife | by Richmoore Edet, Produced by Ekeyz


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