With my hands still clutched to my chest holding my blouse with disgust, I turned around and looked at my trousers on the floor, my handbag, the remains of the excess meals Steve bought from Chicken Republic the previous night, the beautiful rose flower, as I stared from left to right, the clear and distinct memories of last night’s encounter with Steve found me!

It became clear, maybe I was stressed up, but how stressed up could I have been? How can I be so stressed to allow this kind of human have sex with me? I remember how we walked into the house. I was overwhelmed; the aesthetics of the house made me feel relaxed. We had red wine, and so I allowed this dude into me! Whew! Salome! I need to be examined; I really need to be sure that I am in my right senses.

While I stood in amazement of the events of the previous night, the little being (Steve) jumped out of his bathroom shamelessly naked and made for his wardrobe to dress up. I looked at his little body from his head until I spotted his private part. It’s even darker than every other part of his body, with a large sac, long pen*s which is somewhat curved downward. Is this even curved or bent? The more I looked at him, the more disgusted I became at myself. “It’s okay”, I assured myself. “A girl may have to pass through some annoying men before finding the right one”.

In a matter of minutes, he was dressed in a grey coloured suit, black tie and a pair of black shoes. Oh! I was right about the combination of his perfume. He brought out three different bottles of spray and doused his little self with a large portion of each. At this point, I was tired of standing up so I found a little portion of the bed and sat thereon.

It wasn’t long before Steve left the house and I was there alone to practically ponder and wonder what must have happened the previous day. I walked out of the bedroom to locate the living room and I found a new pair of royal blue gown lying on the couch. There’s a little note attached to it and my name is written thereon. Interesting, could this be the present he was talking about? Anyway, I’ll prefer to change into this dress, its more beautiful.

I rushed into the bathroom, had a bath, hoping that scrubbing my body hard would erase the memories of the small being on my body. As I stepped out of the washroom to dress up, I couldn’t help but appreciate the beauty of Steve’s house. Once more, I want to consider dating him, but I just wonder what people will say. Come to think of it, he’s a degree holder, speaks good English at least, earns well, and he adores me. Oh well, there isn’t too much time to think. The cleaner is here to clean the house up. I’ve gotta leave this place now; let me go home and think well! I walked into his wardrobe and found out that he kept some money for me like he said he would… a whooping fifty thousand Naira in crisp 1000 Naira notes.

I hurried out of Steve’s house with all the presents he bought for me and the remaining of the preserved meals he bought the previous day. The drive was lonely and filled with thoughts. All I want is to go home and scrub my body very well. My phone rang and it’s Steve calling!



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