If you are a man who has been married for a period of ten to twenty years now, please count yourself VERY lucky to have escaped this generation of despicable feminine falsehood
Beauty has gone beyond being skin deep in our generation; now, it is market-deep because the depth you can go in the cosmetic market determines how much “beauty” you can get. Drop the philosophy of “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” because no matter how beautiful a woman may be, she becomes ugly if she is deceitful.
Finding a woman in this generation has become very difficult because our women are “loaded” with baggage that is not theirs. Therefore, in your quest for finding a woman, what you get is a creature made out of another creature. If it is this difficult to find a woman, how difficult will it be to find a wife?
The wickedness of women has only grown worse with time and those who have refused to be wicked are ignored and deemed to be lowly. The well-bred humble woman who won’t want to attach too much to herself to portray another non-existent version of herself is seen by all as unappealing while the large chunk of deceivers will stop at nothing to get the attention of men who MAY only discover their trick after months or even years of co-habitation.
Aforetime, pimples, acnes and other spots were treated and sometimes would take days to disappear from the faces of women, nowadays, it’s only a matter of seconds. A woman can easily conceal sunburn, acne, pimples and other unpleasant spots on her face and one would have to dig deep into her face to find this. Layers of substances are applied on the face and like the work of a potter, you find a finely carved clayey “beautiful” woman before you.  That is not all. Women who were endowed with mammary glands as large as chicken eggs have found solace in padded bras. This “uplifts” their bosoms immediately and big “busts” are as close to them as the clothes they put on. The worst, to me, is that of the padded shorts. I am still looking for the brain that innovated that. A woman with a flat “bum suddenly becomes “nickiminajious”. All she needs in order to look “sexy” is to put on her well carpentered shorts.
This is not the end of this. Prior to this period, I would stop at nothing to reply anyone who says women are callous but not anymore. How a woman becomes daring enough to fix FAKE EYES right on top of her real eyes amazes me. I heard it is called “contact lens”. I guess it makes them see the past, present and the future.
That is not all, I stumbled upon a mouth-gaping advert on the internet and this was called “butt lifter”. A kind of shorts a woman can wear under her clothes that would raise her bums. How far will women not go? Women have slowly graduated from the application of foundations, pan cakes, lip sticks, fake eye lashes, tattooed eyebrows, fake nails, fake bums to the use of butt lifter. I shouldn’t forget to mention the waist trainer too. Well, this goes to say that if this uneasy culture is imbibed by all women, our world will be free of shapeless and spotty-faced women. All we’ll have are true representations of Mother Eve around us.
I know a lady whose dentition was so very tight. Amazingly, I saw her another day with a gap in between her former tight tooth and she just won’t stop smiling. As women find this trend wonderful and enjoyable to them, men are at the receiving ends and this breaks my heart. In the days of my parents and grandparents, I guess falling in love was quite easy and real because it was easy to find and fall in love with real people. You could wake up very early in the morning, visit your lover and/or would-be spouse, go to the stream to fetch water together, see her REAL FACE and REAL SHAPE, admire her, play hide and seek with her, without marring her mascara, eye lashes or eye brow, you could hug your wife without being hugged by a padded bra, you could give your woman a peck without marring the coloration of her pancake, you could kiss her without destroying your clothes with the stains of lipstick, you could touch her eyes and eyelids without wiping away her eye shadow, you could lift up your woman and no “extra material” would come down before or with her. 
Take me back to those days, those days when women were real, when love was real, the days when love was original, those days when men could loosen women’s hair and not be scared of what they will see underneath the hair; those days when women were beautiful without Brazilian hair and still pretty without the application of movate cream. I long for those days when eyebrows grew freely, women looked angelic. I can reset my computer to an earlier date but I can’t reset Africa to an earlier date. If I could, I would reset Nigeria to 1800, so that I and my children will know real love. Let’s travel back to those days when you would touch a woman and know that you are touching her real skin and not layers of foundation. I long to see those days when nature was appreciated and artificial fixtures were alien to us; those days when women slept and woke up the same way they slept without any difference in their looks.
As a result of the foregoing, every lady out there is a “suspect”, she is either worse, better than, or as good as she appears. Any ways, men will have to be smarter. Should you meet the creature you think you may want to spend the rest of your life with, please interview her, we need more than intellectual interview, in this case, interview her with soap and water, scrub and mop her face, dry with towel, loosen every attachment on her hair, strip her of her clothes, just ensure you are checking that “product” you want to buy, and if she remains the same, please go and ask for her bride price before another person pays because such women are going into extinction in our generation. Or, what do you think?



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