It is no longer news that Nigeria today is going through an economic recession which has forced Nigerians to go through and into so many unbelievable acts, which include but is not limited to stealing food from neighbours’ pots. However, there are so many ways by which one can escape this economic recession and be free indeed; here are a few
Adjust for good
When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. Looking back to the Nigerian economy today, not much is new. Many years ago, a two-hundred-naira note could provide a family with feeding, for days. Now, the case is different. So, do not live in the past or in the hopes of going back to how it used to be. Rather, have a fighting spirit. Spur up some energy and be resilient in gathering something now, because just like it seems to have been easier back then, if you do nothing today, you may find out that today may seem easier than tomorrow (when it comes).
Don’t beg for money, make money
Rather than going out of your house every day to beg for money, it is better to make money. Making money is quite different from looking for money. In such a time as this, do not sit down and wait for someone to employ you; instead, make money, employ hands to work with you. Find something to do with your hands. Go all out of your comfort zone and create wealth. Venture into entrepreneurship, step out of your comfort zone, find reasons to do something unusual.
Take advantage of recession
Yeah, there is economic recession, but in the same country, we have people who are still living in hourly luxury. Well, look at this, in a place where there is crisis and people are looking for ways to survive, if you are also looking for how to survive, it is erroneous. Instead of joining in the scout for food (for instance), go farther, buy in large quantities and come sell it to your hungry “colleagues”. Don’t join the bandwagon, be different. If everyone is complaining of theft in the same area where you are, don’t join them in constituting a watchmen group, rather, provide a safer means of saving money for them and let them pay for it. Don’t just swim through recession without taking advantage of it. Remember that there are things that people will always need, no matter the situation they find themselves. So, find out those things that people need everyday and supply it to them.
Look inward 
A wise man once said, “your talent will not fetch you money until you build a business around it”. Look within you, what do you have to offer? What can you give to the outside world? Whatever it is you have that people love to have, see and get is worth staking for money. So don’t be a jolly person who puts smiles on the faces of people yet cannot help himself. If all you know how to do is to make people laugh, don’t do it at their convenience, stage yourself and let them pay to watch you. If you know how to cook wonderful meals, don’t just cook for the whole world to come have a taste, put a price on it. Don’t sing in places where you laugh with those same people you sing to and you all have to fend for yourselves. Stage yourself. Position yourself in the place where people watch to see you.
Be disciplined
What’s worse? When you work so hard, toil in and out of the scorching effects of the sun, burn your strength all day, and then you spend your daily reward feeding your skin and starving your destiny. Before you think of luxury, think about the future. Be very disciplined in your spending. Don’t just buy something because the seller passed you by, spend your money consciously. Be very mindful of all that you spend your money on.  Invest and reinvest your earnings until recession becomes ashamed of you and will let go of its hold on you.
Remember that humans create the economy of every nation, not that the economy creates you. So, create the world you wanna see. It’s possible to escape this economic recession. xoxo 


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