Holding on to an abusive relationship

It is quite understandable that no one is perfect, yes, no one is meant to be, but no woman should sit and manage a man who does not appreciate her, especially if he derives pleasure in abusing her. It is pointless sticking to a man who wants to take your life away simply because you think you love him. Well, it should be known to you that love is worth receiving, just as it is worth giving. As for sticking to a man who abuses you in the case of marriage, you are entitled to your own opinion but it is better to live long in isolation than to die defending a man who cares less about your life. Dying for love has gone out of fashion; nowadays, we live for love!

Spending your money on a man

Spending your money, either hard-earned or soft-earned, on a man will definitely be a reverse of the order of   God’s plan. A man is meant to be the one who basically caters for the family. A woman is expected to be a help, meet (fit, proper, prom, adequate, sufficient) for a man. In other words, a woman is meant to assist a man. Assistance is not sponsorship; it means that the man is doing something and you are supporting him. Spending money on a man, for whatever reasons will affect the relationship and kill the man’s ego. However, a woman is meant to support a man if things get sour, but that’s not her responsibility and it shouldn’t be tagged so.

Even if he cheats, he will come back to me

Dear sister, i can read God’s mind right now. Jesus did not die on the cross for you to behave like this. No! He’d be pretty disappointed if he sees you acting like this. you see, no matter what you choose to endure or tolerate from a man, do not sit down there and pat his cheating ass. Every woman deserves a man who will  be just for her alone. No cheating. Treat yourself well, you deserve better.

I will fight for my man

So you have been crowned as the Lioness of your generation and this is what you choose to do with your power and prowess abi? This is somewhat complicated and it is totally dependent on what kinda fight is involved. Most importantly, a man who you have to fight to get is not yours. You are entitled to your opinion though. If in case you “win” such a fight, well, be ready to do more of those fights like for the rest of your life because that fight opens doors to more fights. So quit fighting for and over a man; instead, spend time to invest in yourself. You are also worth fighting for, abi?

Finding a man will bring an end to my problems
Every stage in life comes with its own challenges. No matter what you go through in life, if you cannot fend for yourself and take good care of yourself, how much more difficult will it be for you if your challenges are added up with that of another person? it won’t be any easy. So, finding a man will not bring an end to any of your challenges, you should be a complete person; one who knows how to take care of herself and as well, one who finds satisfaction and contentment in oneself.


  1. Nice write up angel, keep it up! Women need to know their right, No man is worth dieing for. Let's jointly Say NO to Domestic Violence. We shouldn't tolerate abuse of any sort from a man, Physical, emotional, financial et al? It is not God's plan for us. We are fearfully and wonderfully made. If a man reject you, another one will accept you.


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