So yours truly was able to grab some time to have an exclusive interview with great gospel minister, Nuel. Here are the excerpts:

Angelgoldy:        Let’s get to meet you, what’s your name?
Nuel:              My name is Emmanuel Oluwasegun Chukwuma a.k.a NUEL.
Angelgoldy:       Tell us a little about yourself.
Nuel:                  I am the first child and son from the family of four. Born to Rev. H.C Roberts, an indigene of Ndi-Akuwanta-Uno Village, Arondizogu town of Ideato North LGA, Imo State. I love music, football, dancing, reading and writing.
Angelgoldy:        How long have u been doing gospel music?
Nuel:               Since 2013 when I released my very first single “LOVE YOU MORE”. After that, I took a long break to work extensively on myself, especially musically; until 2016 when I realized “I WORSHIP YOU”, then “HIGHER”which I released recently. So it’s been 5yrs since 2013. hmmmmm, I’m obviously very very young in the industry. (laughs)
Angelgoldy:        What genre or kinda song do u do?
Nuel:                    I do RnB, Afro pop and Urban/Contemporary Gospel.

Angelgoldy:        How did music start for you?
Nuel:                 I started music as a drummer, at the age of 6. Then I learned how to play the keyboard at the age of 14. Thereafter, I became a Vocalist when I was 18.
Angelgoldy:        Are you signed on to any record label?
Nuel:             No. I’m not signed to any record label at the moment; however, I founded NUEL DYNASTY ENTERTAINMENT. 
Angelgoldy:      Tell us about Nuel Dynasty Entertainment.
Nuel:             Nuel Dynasty Entertainment is an Entertainment label focused on two objectives which are: Propagating the gospel of JESUS CHRIST through art; and the creation of platforms to enable upcoming gospel artiste like me, reach stardom.
Angelgoldy:     Wow! That’s quite inspiring. So tell us about your song “Higher”, what’s the inspiration behind that lovely song?.
Nuel:                HIGHERis a song of thanksgiving; it’s my testimony for all that God has done for me and my Family. Looking back from where God brought us from, I got inspired to write the song; using one of Paul Nwokocha’s song as the chorus. (click here to download)

Angelgoldy:        ok, that’s nice, so how has the song blessed u and how is it gonna be beneficial to listeners and prospective listeners?
Nuel:              I strongly believe that “HIGHER” will be an encouragement to anyone out there going through tough times and at the brink of giving up. See, I’ve to know that our God is faithful to do all that he has promised; all we have to do is trust him completely; casting all your cares on him.
Angelgoldy:        so let’s talk about a few of your experiences, tell us about your best musical encounter so far
Nuel:                    Wow! Okay, that would be in my church. I was leading in worship and playing the keyboard simultaneously. The power of God was all over the house that one of the Ushers fell under the anointing of the Holy Ghost. Now, I was surprised that an Usher fell amongst those that fell, because I’ve always known Ushers to be the one to help those falling under the anointing of the Holy Ghost. That day for me, will always remain fresh.
Angelgoldy:        (laughs) so it was an amazement to see that happen huh?
Nuel:                    Honestly, it was, God works in amazing ways.
Angelgoldy:        Have you had any ministration you’d wanna refer to as the worst or most unpleasant so far?
Nuel:                    YES. Hmmm, that day will always remain fresh in my memory. It was the day I climbed the podium to minister with anger in my heart. Prior to the time I was to go up stage to minister, I had a misunderstanding with someone (whom I won’t mention the name). I tell you Angel, that day was the day I realized that as a gospel minister, you MUST always be connected to your source (The Holy Spirit of God), else, you will make a fool of yourself. 
Angelgoldy:        Really?
Nuel:                    oh yes, Ever since I was a kid playing drums for my childhood church, Assemblies of God Church, I always subject myself under the unction of the Spirit of God to use me in bringing down God’s presence; but that day, I was so consumed by anger that I didn’t feel the presence of the spirit of God neither did I even seek for his help. See Worship is an act that brings down God’s presence every time; as long as your worship is coming from a sincere heart, the spirit of God will ALWAYS show up. Since that day, I NEVER allow anything cut me off from my source which is the Holy Spirit of God.
Angelgoldy:     Who are your mentors; on the local and international scenes?
Nuel:                 Alright, on the Local scene, my mentor is Sammie Okposo. Ever since I watched him minster live, I have always been  mesmerized by his charisma. Oh! the power in his praise and worship. Meanwhile, I will like to thank God for Nathaniel Bassey. He is a carrier of God’s Anointing, which has begun to touch the world. He is setting an example for upcoming gospel artistes like us; making us realize that our fellowship with the holy Spirit of God is THE MOST IMPORTANT PART of our life and musical career. my mentor on the international scene is Pastor Donnie McClurkin. Every time he minsters, I feel the power of God; and his vocal strength mesmerizes me
Angelgoldy:        What are your musical aspirations?
Nuel:              I have just one and that is to have miracles, signs and wonders accompany my ministrations.
Angelgoldy:      Do you see yourself delving into secular music anytime soon?
Nuel:       NO WAY! However, you will hear some inspirational/motivational songs from me in the near future. The gospel of Christ is my life; it’s more than a religion, it is a lifestyle. 
Angelgoldy:        What’s your spare time used for?
Nuel:                OK, I use my spare time to read, write and play video games or watch movies. I’m actually writing a book, so soon you’ll see some of my books in the market. 
Angelgoldy:       That’s great to know, we’ll be looking forward to that then.
Nuel:                    Thank you.
Angelgoldy:        so, who are those people who have supported you this far and you feel are worthy of your appreciation?
Nuel:                  Well, I’ll like to thank God almighty for all he has done for me; my family for their love and support; to Patricia (Queen of NUEL DYNASTY) for her continued support, love and prayers; to Naddy Frank for his continued love, support and encouragement; then to all my fans, for the love and support; and also to all Djs playing my songs. Dj Ernesty, I am grateful to you; Henry of Metro Fm, who happens to be my secondary school classmate, I am eternally grateful for your support; my music instructors ABKEYS, DAVE, VIBOK, NEVILLE, REVAY MUSIC and GLOWRI, God bless you all. Then also to you ANGELGOLD for this interview. I love you all.
Angelgoldy:        Thank you so much for letting us peep into your life.
Nuel:                    it’s been a nice “peep”. Thank you (laughs).


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