If Linda Ikeji had gotten a job when she was struggling and praying for it, there would be no lindaikejiblog today, there’d be no LINDAIKEJITV, no business empire for her, no mansion at Banana Island. She’d have been one of the AVERAGE ladies out here who’s just satisfied with life and probably managing to live averagely.
Despite her desperation, the jobs didn’t come as she expected. The more she tried to get a job, start a business, in fact, she got into more trouble.
I remember when she shared a story of how she got arrested because she couldn’t pay back the loan she took for a business which eventually failed. How she spent her thirty-somethingth birthday crying.
In a twist of fate, she got an idea that has changed her life, destiny and entire family for good.
It got to a point where only an IDEA could save her. And thankfully, now, she can be grateful to God for not giving her THE JOB SHE WANTED but provided her with THE IDEA she NEEDED.
really, there’s an enemy called AVERAGE.

Maybe you’ve been job hunting with no good result to show for it. Maybe you have begged and begged until your helpers are tired of you. Maybe it’s time for you to sit still, be quiet and ask God, not for the HELP YOU WANT, but THE IDEA YOU NEED.

God may be refusing to give you that new job because He wants you to locate a better idea.

What you want will make you average, but what you need will produce phenomenal and consequential results.

Have a blessed week.


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