Extraordinary singer, Nuel, hits our space with this great song he titles My God.

Talking about the song, he says:

“This song Embodies my pain, stress and anxieties even while trusting God that his plans for me are of good and not of evil, this is a “Pick me up” Song as its not only for the heavenly minded, but is also directed towards meeting you at your point of need, encouraging and inspiring you to be the best that you can be
What is life?
In the end, life is what you make out of it!”

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Nuel (The Extraordinary one) is a singer, rapper, song writer, composer, keyboardist,
A Minister with light, positivity, love, generosity and a burden to be heard.

He is the leader of the group, Solfatonix – a well travelled and impactful music team in Nigeria.



Post Chorus
Oh oh oh oh oh x2

Solo 1
I have a testimony
I want to tell a story
When I dey find my glory
My enemies for block am o
I beg you trust God
Just give him the keys to your heart
Because if he no hold your keys o
The enemy go lock am go
I hustle plenty
I worked so hard
But as I dey try dey try dey try
My enemies dey try dey try dey try
But them no know say
Say na you dey hold me
Na who go fit to love me like you do?
Nobody fit to love me like you do

Don’t you know that he’s…
My God?
And if he don bless my hands
You no go fit to curse am o
Don’t you know that he owns everything?
And if he don open your doors
Nobody fit to shut am o

My father, you no dey let me suffer
If I get you, everything else..
You dey there to provide am
Na you be my miracle today
I just want make these people here know say……..yeah!
My God!
Is still hearing Prayers!
Oh ohhh

(Post Chorus)

Solo 2
I remember when dem tell me say I can’t
They said it’s not my time
But time don reach
To everyone that called me blind or dead
Well, the person wey get me dey alive!
To every disbeliever
Over me
I can’t thank you enough for blessing me
Because all of your problems
The challenges
He has turned into stepping stones
So I just thank God for this
Because all my enemies…
Them no know say
Say na you dey hold me
Na who go fit to love me like you do?
Nobody fit to love me like you do
Oh them no know say…
Say na you dey hold me.. God!
Na who go fit to love me like you do?
Nobody fit to love me Like you do..

This’ for every single time that I ever cried
For every battle lost since my faith died
For every time I looked up to ask, why?
For every time I lied just to get by
Those nights when I’d stay out and just be
Hanging out holding on to my fake friends
And days when I’d wish for a new me
But I’m out there shaking the wrong hands
Thank God he found me
Cuz I remember those years
Remember how I fought back holding those tears
And every time I put all of me out
All on the line
How they pushed all of it out
All of the time
Thank God I remember those years
The days when I’d freeze up because of my fears
But learned if I could put God before me
All of the time
He would cause kings to raise me
Everything’s mine! Cuz…


My father!

(Song end)


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