Nigerian woman welcomes son three months after welcoming twins (photos)

Doctors, how can this be explained?

A woman who has been married for 12 years without a child, gave birth to a set of twins in March this year. Then in June, only 3 months later, she gave birth to a son.

According to her niece who shared the news on Facebook, the new mother kept complaining of stomach pain after giving birth to her twins, a boy and a girl. On June 29, she went into labour again and gave birth to another boy.

This occurrence has left people stunned after her story went viral and people are wondering how this can be explained medically.

Chinenye Sylvia shared photos of the twin babies and the son who came months after and wrote:













Cheiiiiiiiiiiii….. remeber when i shared the first picture of my aunty that gave birth to twins after 12years of marriage… just yesterday another baby came from same stomach… 3months after… she always complain of her stomach growing instead of going down after giving brith to the twins not knowing that one child is still remaining there. And the baby boy came forth yesterday which is the 2nd picture. People this is three months after. Since i was born and now am getting old, i have not seen this type of miracle… that is why i call him jehovah overdo, omalichachukwu, odogwu, ome ihe nyiri mmadu na omumw, onye ana akpo otu oku oza ugboro iri. Friends pls call him names, and rejoice with me. So my anuty have triplet. 2boys and a girls…12yrs after marriage in a miraculous way.


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