Gospel minister, Petersongs is back on the block with this song he titles “Ogologoma Ya” produced by one of Abuja’s finest producers, E-Keyz.

It’s a song that tells of God’s goodness, faithfulness and wonders and this will sure leave you blessed as you acknowledge the works of the Most High God in a dance.

Click below to download the song “Ogologoma ya” by Petersongs

Ogologmma agha (prd by E’keyz

God bless you.
Don’t forget to share this goodness and bring us feedback as you listen.



E no be today.. wey you the bless me oooo,
E no be today wey you love me so,
The thing be the start like play play..
But now I don realize
Say Na you be jehovah ehh
You be agune-chemba one of the world..
Who can challenge you oooo
Nobody dey like you baba oooo
Coz at the mention of your name
Every knee must bow and every tongue must confess say Na you be baba, baba you too much oooooo
 Everybody shout hallelujah… Hallelujah oooo ogologoma agha Hallelujah… (×3)
Iye….. Iye….
Ehhh eh eh… Ehhh eh eh….. Ehhh eh eh
Hallelujah to you baba… (×2).
Hallelujah to you baba…. Hallelujah to you baba….. (×4).
Sun shine in the rain you are….
The peace in my storm you are…
So I will praise you everyday and I will lift my hands to you, coz you are worthy of my praise oh God….
Na you be my papa ooo, Na you be my maker oooo
So I go the follow you dey go…
If I pray you dey answer, if I call you, you dey pick my call, so I go dey follow you dey go…
Baba you too much ehh… You too much oooo(×4)
*(Back to chorus)*




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