We will like to use this medium to inform the general public that Apostle Johnson Suleman, as a law abiding citizen and a firm believer in the Nigerian project, honored the invitation of the DSS in Abuja, and the meeting can best be described as successful and professional.
We want to use this medium to thank every person who boldly and openly stood-up to lend their support and voices to God’s servant, Apostle Johnson Suleman. We thank the leadership of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), we specially thank members of Omega Fire Ministries Worldwide, we thank members of the Christian community worldwide, and non-Christians alike. Indeed, the worldwide support was overwhelming.

We also wish to use this medium to dissociate Apostle Johnson Suleman from the fictitious news making the rounds where he is being quoted as saying the Governor of Kaduna State should produce the Fulani herdsmen he claimed he gave money to stop killing Christians. We want to put it on record that Apostle Johnson Suleman has not made any direct statement regarding that particular issue.
We want to appeal to members of the public, the press, and especially bloggers to always confirm from the appropriate authorities before going public with any information. It is important we don’t lose our credibility, dignity and honour in our desperation to carry ‘BREAKING NEWS’ and ‘EXCLUSIVES’.
God’s servant, Apostle Johnson Suleman believes greatly in a united Nigeria, and pleads with all and sundry to keep holding-up Nigeria and her leadership in our prayers. We believe there is a spiritual dimension to everything that is going on. Surely as God lives, this country cannot fail, and the light of God will indeed shine upon Nigeria again.
Like he has always done passionately, Apostle Johnson Suleman vows to continue speaking for the good and welfare of all Nigerians, while consistently contributing his quota through his philanthropic gestures, even as we passionately work towards building a stronger and more united Nigeria, together.
Indeed, it is a new dawn for Nigeria.
Once again, we thank you.
Dr. Sule Emmanuel
Director of Media and Foreign Missions,
Omega Fire Ministry Worldwide


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