Here’s the much anticipated song titled “Thank you Lord” by Marvellous Osajie, produced by Ekeyz

Marvellous Osajie was born on 17 September in the late 90s in Ekpoma, Edo state . She is the First child in a family of five (first daughter). Marvellous got involved in music at early age,  being a member of the children’s choir in her church and transitioning to the adult choir prior to launching her musical career.

Marvellous Osajie released her first single, “New Creation”, in 2020

Marvellous lost her father and mother at a young age, and had to fend for herself and her other siblings. As a result, she took her music ministry serious from the beginning.

THANK YOU LORD  came as a result of how faithful God has been since the death of  her parents. Through the challenges, rejections, disappointments, even at a point she gave up on God, but God never left her, God was still faithful and also saved her from a terrible Accident in 2020. And God is still doing wonders.

listen below:

Thank you Lord by Marvellous Osajie

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Thank you Lord lyrics  by Marvellous Osajie

Faithful Father you are…..

I never thought 

You love me this this much 

I never knew 

Your love is this great 

For all you’ve done for me 

Thank you Lord

For your love that fadeth not 

Thank you Lord  


Your voice like the roll of waterfall 

Your eyes like a flame of fire 

You gave the barren children 

You made the lame to walk

You made the blind to see 

Thank you Lord 


Thank you Lord ……


  1. It’s a powerful song full of inspiration and we’ll arranged.

  2. wowww…
    It’s wonderful….
    It’s was marvelous just like her name…
    And it’s lovely listening to the song.


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