The Pessimist

Life is already filled with people who will attempt to bring one down when one attempts to go up. it will be erroneous for one to intentionally associate with an additional pessimist as “friend”. A pessimist will help you find faults in everything you do and assist in discouraging you from doing both the right and the wrong things. A pessimist will make you get comfortable in one spot and give you reasons why it is risky as well as disastrous not to step out of your comfort zone.
The non-supportive friend
Friends who are not supportive will eventually come back to you when you make it, but they should be relegated to the “fan zone”. If the one you call your friend cannot support you in your pursuits at all, then who else will? In one’s pursuit of success or anything good at all, one deserves at least someone who will go the extra length to do anything to make his/her friend happy, fulfilled and successful.
The sycophant
This is the kind of friend that will call you in the middle of the night and request for help after keeping mute after months or years. Such people keep coming into your lives and they will only remember you when they need you. worse still, not only will they remember you when they need you, they will not remember to call you in case there is something that can be beneficial to you. Well, life is too short to tolerate this shit! Drop them all and move on!
The unrepentant friend
No one on earth is perfect; well no one is expected to be  but every person should be able to accept their weaknesses and aim at being better than their past. There is always this friend who is unrepentant about his/her flaws, no matter how detrimental it may be to them. Well, if they care less about themselves, how about you? More so, if everyone knows about his/her character, it will be assumed that you posses same or you tolerate same. Drop them!

The Careless Spender

We all require a lot of discipline in the way and manner we spend money and therefore living with or making friends with a careless spender is one sure way to spend recklessly. It is imperative to save for a rainy day. therefore, efforts should be made consciously towards spending for the right reasons because a careless spender will make you spend on them, if you won’t do so for yourself.



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