It’s been a big argument on whether gospel music ministers deserve to be paid or not. Here, the question is not whether the churches want to pay them,

but do they really deserve to be paid?

Yours truly met a few people and they gave their opinions on this rather controversial topic:

Desmond: since Pastors collect tithe and offerings, then it will not be bad for singers to collect money too, they deserve it.

Prince: if the singers don’t have any other work to do, then they should get paid for singing in the church so that they can get serious and put all their efforts in singing.

Grace: i don’t think it is necessary to pay singers in the church, this is because they are serving God, so they should serve Him with or without money.

Ugo: it depends o, if there is money in the church, it won’t be bad to pay the singers and instrumentalists. they also need money na.

Dewunmi: if singers are paid, what is bad there? most of them spend time to learn how to sing well, they train their voice in order to be skillful, they put in so much efforts, so they should be appreciated by the church, in fact, they should be placed on salaries o.

God’sPower: if the singers are professional singers that sing very well, i think they should be paid so that they will be encouraged to do more. Pastor should not be the only one to receive payment because most of these singers are also in need, so that they will not steal.

Blessing: i sing in church and if my pastor wants to pay me, i will not accept. my service is to God, i don’t want anybody to pay me, i want God to favor me, i want him to be the one to bless me.

Chinedu: If i am singing and someone gives me money, i will collect it but whether they pay me or not, i will keep singing. my voice is a sacrifice of praise to God. i want to use it to win souls for God whether somebody gives me money or not.

ok. So the above responses are views and opinions of the people who were asked to give their opinions. However, we’ll like to hear from you, what’s your opinion, if possible, with biblical references please! Thank you!


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