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Within the past few days, hundreds of thousands of people have crowded the city of Abuja

in what was said to be a protest asking for the release of Shitte leader, El-Zak-Zaky.

Nigerians have stated that the number of people who were said to converge in Abuja for the said protest is scary enough and this is enough reason to sense that the said protest can be hijacked.


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However, we interviewed a cross section of Nigerians who expressed their opinions on the crowd of Shiite protesters in Abuja:

Anonymous: When 2face asked for Nigerians to protest last year, the Nigerian Police Force told 2face to stop that protest because he cannot control the crowd and the protest will be hijacked. They made the innocent man to stop a peaceful protest. Now, why cant the same Nigerian Police Force stop these hoodlums? why? there is too much bias in this country.

Mr. T.: Last weekend when i mistakenly drove through the mosque, i saw them there, hitting different cars, destroying windscreens for no reason. is this what you call a protest? this is not a protest. this is wickedness in the oven. i pray it won’t escalate.

Anonymous: Protesters that are busy fighting the Nigerian Police Force. These are very lawless set of people. There is no need calling them protesters. These people are just hoodlums. The Nigerian Police will not arrest or make them leave our streets now. if 2face or Oputa’s son, … Area Fada calls for protest now, they will say let it not hold. is it until the country is hijacked from their hand?

Aremu argued in favour of the Nigeria Police stating that “The Nigerian Police is doing its best to ensure security in the nation. They have really done well ever since these Shiite people took over the nation’s capital and it couldn’t have been better. The people complaining about the Nigerian Police are the enemies of the government”

Recall that in February 2017, one of Nigeria’s most popular musicians, 2-Face Idibia attempted to lead a formal, peaceful, harmless and anti-government protest in which was to hold as a march against the crippling economic state of the nation slated for February 6th, 2017 in Nigeria and the said protest was called off.

2-face idibia was made to halt all preparations to kickstart the protest as the Nigerian Police Force insisted that he would be arrested should such protest be made to happen in Nigeria.

But the Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Fatai Owoseni, said the command will not let the protest hold in the metropolis.

Owoseni said intelligence reports indicates that criminals might hijack the process to wreak havoc in Lagos. He said: “Information reaching us revealed that some hoodlums are planning to hijack the peaceful protest and at such, we won’t allow it to hold in Lagos. We know that Tuface does not have the capacity to contain such a crowd and we will not fold our hands and watch while things go out of hand,”

Owoseni said. According to him, “no matter how good an intention is, hoodlums would always find a way to harass, rob and attack innocent members of the public who may wish to go about their lawful duties. Owoseni had earlier said, the protest planners have not officially notified the police of their plan, stressing that the police encourage civil society groups to inform the force anytime they want to stage a protest because of their safety and that of others, as hoodlums seize such medium to perpetrate evil. The Police, however, threatened to arrest the singer if he dares hold the protest.

Some of the questions that arose during the protest include the puzzling thought as to whether the Nigerian Police Force would not protect the protesters and would rather deny the masses of their right to protest rather than halt a protest. Many Nigerians felt it would be nice to deal with those who would hijack the protest rather than halt the entire protest.

it has also been reported that the Nigerian police force has arrested some of the Shiite protesters here in Abuja. Although the number of people arrested is undisclosed at the moment.



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